Rosa Benito finds out who the father of her children is and tries to make him appear again

There is no doubt that rose benedict It’s been a pretty busy summer. And it is that the one who was the sister-in-law of ‘La más grande’, she has had to deal for all these months with media pressure after the premiere of the second documentary of Rociito.

Likewise, his interventions on the set of it’s already noon They have drastically decreased and, in all this time, she stays away from the cameras. Of course, despite the fact that she is focused on enjoying her vacation, the collaborator is not overlooked by throwing the odd hint directed at her niece via her Instagram.

While Rosa Benito pulls the newspaper library to put Rociíto on the ropes, she, for her part, continues to give people something to talk about every time a new episode of her docuseries is broadcast.

On this occasion, in the latest installment of In the name of RocioRociíto has recounted the desperate calls her aunt made to her years ago about Amador Mohedano.

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Rosa Benito desperately turned to her niece

Last July, rose benedict witnessed how the long-awaited museum was finally inaugurated Dew Sworn in Chipiona. Without a doubt, this matter gave a lot to talk about because nobody knew the real reason why this venue opened its doors 16 years after the death of Rocío Jurado.

However, the latest episode of the docuseries of the daughter of ‘The greatest’ has revealed one of the problems that arose when opening the museum in its day. “I have always wanted to open the museum, but in the conditions that she deserved,” she began by saying.

“I was not going to link the name of Rocío Jurado with absolutely anything that was out of legality,” he justified himself.

Of course, another question that no one could avoid asking themselves was the real reason why Amador Mohedano was removed from everything related to the museum. Also, the woman Fidel Albiac has told the hidden truth about this story.

And it is that after the death of the artist, Rosa Benito’s ex-husband took charge of the museum project, a decision that had the approval of the universal heiress.

However, the problem came in 2012 when the mayor of Chipiona himself called Rociíto to confess what Amador Mohedano had done. “Antonio Peña, he called me to tell me that he had a problem. The police had denounced him that Amador organized parties until the wee hours of the morning on the ship where the museum was going to be installed,” he explained.

It was at that moment that Rociíto told the mayor of Chipiona to do what he had to do, which is why he decided to dispense with Mohedano’s services. After making this determination, Rosa Benito chose to call her niece several times.

“When Amador is kicked out, Rosa desperately calls me several times to ask me to please keep Amador in the museum because it was the only way for him to stay in Chipiona,” he said.

Likewise, as Benito’s niece relates, the collaborator did not want to see her ex-husband even in painting because of the conflicts she had with him at that time. In this way, she went to the daughter of “The Greatest” to prevent the father of her children from being thrown out of the project.

“Rosa did not want Amador to return to Madrid, but I am not anyone’s nanny. Rosa cannot tell me that I am responsible for the fact that I have thrown Amador out of the museum or returned to Madrid and gave her up “, settled Rociíto.

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Rocío Carrasco, blunt about her uncle: “I didn’t trust”

On the other hand, the niece of rose benedict He has also confessed that, despite the fact that his uncle was the main person in charge of the museum, he did not trust him completely. For this reason, the mother of dew flowers he went to a notary so that he would keep in mind all the boxes that arrived.

“I tell my uncle that I want a reception certificate with a notary. At the same time, I notify my cousin to notify the notary. I ask my cousin for help because I don’t trust Amador,” he began by explaining.

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“And I think that even in the presence of a notary, some have sneaked it in. I’m sure. There’s something I can’t find and I’ll have to play Colombo,” she assured.

There is no doubt that these statements by the daughter of “The Greatest” have not left anyone indifferent. Much less that Rosa Benito has begged her niece for her ex-husband to continue leading the project to avoid meeting him at all costs in the capital.

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