Iberia Express will operate this Thursday 94% of scheduled flights on the fifth day of the strike

Iberia Express will operate this Thursday 94% of scheduled flights on the fifth day of the strike
Iberia Express will operate this Thursday 94% of scheduled flights on the fifth day of the strike


Iberia Express plans to operate this Thursday, the fifth day of the strike called by the USO, 95 flights, which represent 94% of those scheduled, since the airline has canceled in advance and preventively three round trip flights (one to Gran Canaria, one to Mallorca and another to Santiago) scheduled for today, with the aim of minimizing the impact of the strike on our customers.

98% of the passengers affected by these cancellations have already been relocated, either on other Iberia Express or Iberia flights or on other companies or alternative means of transport, and the remaining 2% have requested a change of date or route, voucher, reimbursement or is pending to choose the alternative that best suits you, as reported by the company.

“At a time of maximum influx and in full return operation, Iberia Express’s priority is our customers. For this reason, we have taken the preventive decision to cancel certain flights to minimize the impact, ensuring that an alternative is provided to passengers with sufficient notice, “explained the company.

In addition, it has activated a flexibility plan for all customers who have a flight until September 6 and has created a website where you can check the status of the flight and carry out all the procedures: https://blog.iberiaexpress.com/ information-strike/.

“At Iberia Express we deeply regret the inconvenience that this situation is causing our customers and we apologize for it. At Iberia Express we are convinced of the need to abandon social confrontation, an essential step that the union calling the strike must take”, he pointed out.

For this reason, the company has asked USO to call off the strike in order to sit down at the negotiating table, with all the representatives, to negotiate the II Collective Agreement for Iberia Express Cabin Crew.

“A constructive negotiation cannot take place under the pressure of a strike. We wait for USO on the path of dialogue, the only place where we can reach an agreement that satisfies the parties, without seriously risking the company’s reason for being and the future of all of us in it”, he underlined.

Yesterday, August 31, the 99 flights operated by Iberia Express passed without incidents related to the strike called by the USO union, transporting 14,500 passengers.

The day closed with a punctuality of 87.9%, having registered 12 flights with delays of more than 15 minutes caused by operational reasons totally unrelated to the USO strike, as reported by the company.

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