The Rings of Power: Who is the meteor giant

The Rings of Power: Who is the meteor giant
The Rings of Power: Who is the meteor giant

The first two chapters of The Rings of Power are now available on Amazon Prime Video. It is assured that it will be the most spectacular magical series that we will see this year. And doubts have already been unleashed, who is the giant of the meteorite?

This installment tells different stories that take place in parallel. In the first instance we have Galadriel – an elf warrior who is sure that Sauron has not been defeated -. On the other hand, the community of dwarves is shown—who receive an elf who grants them a mission—.

We also see the humans—who deal with their own problems—, and finally, the Harfoot—the nomadic branch of the hobbits, they enjoy the landscapes that their travels provide.

Galadriel’s story—played by Morfydd Clark—will probably be the most complex and interesting, because it will work as a bridge to all the others. Mainly, it lets us glimpse the difficulty of their survival and the problems of the elves when dealing with humans.

However, the darkest mysteries to unravel, it seems, will be brought to us by the Harfoot community.

Her story features Nori Brandyfoot—who seems to be very adventurous, thus ending up in dangerous situations. She goes to the forest at midnight, there he meets a giant that falls from the sky as a meteorite. Nori is played by Markella Kavenagh, while the giant is played by Daniel Weyman—although in the credits he appears only as The Stranger—.

A good giant or an evil one?

The Rings of Power He has not yet revealed who the giant is or what role he will play, although from kilometers it is seen that we will have to be careful, since we do not know their intentions or their abilities.

The world of The Rings of Power it is framed by the existence of the Valar—the group of gods who created Middle-earth—who influence what happens in it. There are also different types of magic, monsters, orcs and dark lords as extremely destructive enemies.

the giant of The Rings of Power could be part of this conglomerate of enemies. But, on the other hand, it is mentioned that it could even be Gandalf—on the assumption that he has just become a warlock and is still trying to wield his magical abilities.

JRR Tolkien’s narrative dictates that Sauron and Gandalf come from the same place—even though the two end up being completely different entities. So that could it be that a young Gandalf, still unable to control his abilities, presenting himself in “his most human form”, coming to collaborate in Middle Earth.

the giant of The Rings of Power He has excessive and uncontrolled powers, that is undeniable. However, something that opposes this theory is that, according to the temporality of general history: the Sorcerers don’t come to Middle-earth until the Third Age, and this begins after Isildur cuts the ring from Sauron’s hand.

Will it be The Dark Lord?

the giant of The Rings of Power could be Sauron. For starters, it seems like he doesn’t understand Nori’s language. In addition, it shows a strange constellation—which acts as a map and makes us think that it comes from there or is heading towards a point—.

The Dark Lord has the ability to shapeshift—in this way he managed to deceive the elves and forced them to create the rings of power—, could it be that this time he has become a giant?

Listing data: it seems that the giant had to do with Nori’s father’s accident and came into the world in a huge and terrible rock embraced in fire—the meteorite—, which however, when Nori touches it, notices that it is not hot— a probable reference to what happens to the ring when it is placed in the fire but fails to heat up.

Perhaps this would mean that it was a hobbit who helped create the rings and that is why another hobbit must destroy Sauron’s.

However, it is still too early to draw conclusions, we still have chapters to enjoy.

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How many episodes will The Rings of Power have?

It premiered on Amazon Prime Video this Friday, September 2, 2022. It will have 8 episodes and probably five seasons.

It is set in the Second Age of Middle-earth, thousands of years before the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

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