Who is the girlfriend of Facundo Espinosa, the actor of Champions and Son amores

The memory of their roles is kept alive in the collective unconscious, in that very special way of interpreting resonant characters. Facundo Espinosa accompanies the public since his childhood, with multiple performances in successful strips, now he returned with force in El Marginal IV.

The man who was part of impressive casts such as Son amores, Campeones or Dibu designed a specific career, to his liking, with its ups and downs, but above all driven by his most intimate desires, without pursuing the mainstream or obligations.

That’s why, Facundo He stopped the ball, rethought himself and had no hesitation in getting away from the cameras to give free rein to other passions, mainly music, with which he built a decade of travel with his band, as well as the installation of a recording studio.

In the last few months, the phone rang and prickly He attended the call for the series about prison life, which he accepted with enthusiasm and immersed himself again in the sets. In addition, she participated in another production of a giant platform like Paramount +.

In this way, that little boy who debuted in Treble clef, who displayed his talent in dozens of successful pieces, returned to the table. Although always with his feet on the ground and with his north very clear, that he is not only articulated in the audiovisual industry.

That is why he recognized that in the stages without filming he dedicates himself fully to the family business, the one that he attends personally with his partner, Lucilla. Precisely that woman who changed her daily life forever and with whom she was encouraged to bring the world to Mara (12 and Emma (6), their small.

In dialogue with La Nación, Facundo He explained the origin of his love, of this soul that stimulates him: “We met in a bar, by chance, 15 years ago and I hope we will be together much more. Lucila and my daughters are everything”. This is how he perceives and feels Lucila.

As for his desire for crafts and all kinds of activities at home, they asked him if he was the “perfect husband”, to which the actor said: “Don’t believe it. At home my wife is also like me and we do everything from masonry to electricity”.

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