Who is Richard Gere’s Spanish wife, 33 years younger than him

Richard Gere It has all the lyrics of gallant. The 73-year-old actor began his great career in Hollywood when he was a 28-year-old playing Tony Lopanto in the movie Looking for Mr. Goodbar alongside Diane Keatonwith whom he would also work on Stormy Nights years later.
For decades he conquered and broke hundreds of hearts, being one of the most desired men in the film industry. Without a doubt, he was Pretty Womana film in which he starred with Julia Robertswhich made him a true sex symbol, making him the “sexiest man on the planet” for 40 years.

Alejandra Silva and Richard Gere.

Also, Richard Gere He was for a long time one of the most eligible bachelors. And although he had already been married twice, first to Cindy Crawford and then with Carey Lowellonly found the love of his life in 2015, when he fell madly in love with the Spanish activist and businesswoman, Alexandra Silva.

The actor and the daughter of the former vice president of met in a boutique hotel on the Amalfi Coast, she was in charge of the establishment and he stayed there. They say that the crush between them was instantaneous, despite the fact that he had known her since childhood because he was a friend of her parents.

It seems that Gere did not care about the 33 years that separated them or the distance between their worlds. Shortly after, Alejandra Silva decided to leave everything and move to the ranch where her current husband lived in the United States. “Our karma attracted each other from the first moment we met. We have known each other for many lives”, she confided in an interview.

Finally, three years later, the couple decided to seal their love with marriage. Richard and Alejandra married in May 2018 in New York, and soon after they welcomed their first child together, Alexander. In April 2020 their second child would arrive together and third for the actor, whose name is not known.

Alejandra Silva and Richard Gere.

Regarding who is the woman who changed the life of Richard Gere, now it could be said that she is his faithful companion, but before meeting him she studied advertising and marketing, and worked in various agencies. However, her true passion is philanthropy, mainly when it comes to social responsibility.

Together with her husband, who moved away from the film sets, they manage the foundation that the Hollywood heartthrob created in 1991, which is in charge of raising funds for humanitarian purposes, and dedicate their time to their humanitarian work.

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