Who is Celebrimbor? One of the crucial characters in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

The first chapters of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power have established the Middle Earth What a fantastic universe that goes through a long period of peace. The tranquility that is breathed in the world is the consequence of Morgoth’s defeat at the hands of the elves and the Valar. Despite this calm that has reigned in recent centuries, Galadriel and some of her companions believe that Sauron’s threat remains..

During its first two chapters we have been introduced to the elves, the humans, the dwarves and the Harfoot, their version of the hobbits. In addition, several new characters have also been introduced, and a lot of familiar faces if you have read the books of Tolkien or seen the movies Peter Jackson. One of the most important is celebrimbor, a master blacksmith who will create the rings of power and shape the future of Middle-earth.

Who is Celebrimbor?

  • This wise and mighty elf is mentioned in many of the appendices of Tolkien. ✅
  • We know that fought in the front ranks during the wars of the First Age and that he preferred to stay in the Middle Earth when conflicts end. ⚡
  • In the Second Age he befriended the dwarves, from whom he learned the art of forging. ❗
  • He quickly gained notoriety and went on to complete commissions assigned by the king of the dwarves. ✅
  • Finally, it was established the mines of Moria, where he set up his own workshop. ⚡

Some of you may have met him for the first time in the series, but video game lovers will remember the role of this elf in Shadow of Mordor. In them he is a kind of spirit eaten away by the guilt of having forged the rings, and his story is very different from the one Tolkien wrote.

The Forge of Celebrimbor

celebrity forge

One of the key pieces of this character is his forge and personal workshop, a place that we can see during a visit to Elrond. In it we find Feanor’s hammer, used to create the Silmarils, important elven jewels. Little by little, the elf will build a larger and more powerful forge, which will become the birthplace of the rings of power.

Why is this character so relevant in The Rings of Power?

  • During the plot of the series we will see the arrival of a mysterious being named Annatar. ❓
  • This is none other than the disguise or alter ego that Sauron creates for the purpose of gaining the trust of the elves. ❗
  • In time you will convince celebrimbor to forge the 19 rings of power. ❌
  • While this is happening, Sauron creates the One Ring on Mount Doom. ❗


In this way it is clear that Celebrimbor is the one responsible for setting in motion all the events that happen in The Rings of Power and even The Lord of the Rings.. Your decision to forge these magical items affects the future of the Middle Earth irreversibly and forms two ages whole.

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