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Without counting the unforgettable Bogota final that was played in December 2017, you have to go back a long way to find a Bogota classic with the two teams so well placed in the table. More exactly, as of August 2013, when they were as they are today, millionaires as leader and Santa Fein third place.

However, the blues, in theory, arrive much calmer at the match number 307 in the Colombian League, which begins at 8:15 at night and will be broadcast by WinSports+.

Millonarios has a more consolidated idea of ​​the game, while Santa Fe is still trying to take on the idea of ​​its coach. But the history of the classic shows that, as soon as the referee whistles, everything is erased and in 90 minutes anything can happen. More than once, the one who arrives in crisis has made the afternoon or night bitter for the one who arrives as the favorite.

How Millionaires arrive

Celebration of the first goal of Millonarios.


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“All the classics are very different, this one has a little more motivation both for them and for us, because today they are third, with the same points as second. We are the first; after all, practically, the first with the second”, said the Millonarios coach, Alberto Gamer.

“They have also been doing good things, doing important things, and I think this is a classic where, for what is at stake, nobody is going to want to lose. This is how you have to enter the court, try to do your best, ”he added.

Millonarios arrives with nine games without losing in the League and with three wins in a row against Santa Fe.

You have to enter the field and win the classic, with an idea, with something that has been done and with arguments

“You have to enter the field and win the classic, with an idea, with something that has been done and with arguments. Undoubtedly we are going to face a team that is taking what teacher Arias wants, little by little they are understanding it, they are becoming solid. And, well, it’s nice to play these classics. God willing that our fans, like their fans too, have fun and that they go to soccer in peace, ”said Gamero. It should be remembered that, after many years, there will be visiting fans.

Santa Fe, in settings

Celebration of 1-0, scored by Wilson Morelo.


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While Millonarios has received praise for his game, Santa Fe, who has barely played nine games with Alfredo Arias on the bench, he has scrambled to the top of the table amid some criticism. But in football it is often said that it is better to correct by winning. And in those walks the Uruguayan technician.

“The classic is faced trying to get rid of nerves, to get anxiety, because the game itself, because of the historical weight it has and because there is no one who does not talk to one about this game and who tells you ‘you have to win’, that in and of itself it motivates,” Arias said.
“The line of motivation and anxiety is very fine. How is it faced? Training well, working seriously and trying to give him peace of mind. That is my message to my players this week,” he added.

Arias accepts the criticism of the team’s game. “I believe that we are acquiring the identity of Santa Fe. I always say, the teams that I had to face and see in the history of Santa Fe had that, that until the last minute they did not give up and that they achieved those feats.

And it’s been 2 or 3 games that we have overcome hard blows of missing penalties, of being in extreme situations, and all the games the players and the squad have taken it out, “he acknowledged.

Precisely, Arias points out that, due to the accumulated work time, Millos arrives with an advantage.

“Millionaires has the time, the time that other teams have not had, that time that normally gives you the result. In Millonarios there have been very intelligent and clear people in putting up with a great technician in office. I was here when the surveys of some programs that declare that he is the best technician, that he is the best team, and that it is true, those same programs conducted surveys on whether or not Gamero was leaving and percentages. Millionaires, I already told you everything, right now it is the best team, it goes first for a reason, ”he concluded.

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