They solve a murder that was committed 40 years ago thanks to a podcast in Australia

They solve a murder that was committed 40 years ago thanks to a podcast in Australia
They solve a murder that was committed 40 years ago thanks to a podcast in Australia

The podcast they are a communicative element that are the order of the day. They serve both to debate some topics, and to divulge about others… and to their functions, now another one must be added: solving crimes. This is due to a viral podcast from Australia who, after years dealing with a crime committed 40 years ago, have finally been able to solve it.

The podcast in question is called ‘The teacher’s pet’ and was born in 2018. So far it has added more than 30 million views, and thanks to the commotion that was created around it, the police reopened the investigation. Four months after the final episode of the podcast, the husband of the woman who died was finally charged.

It all goes back to 1982. Chris Dawson, a former professional rugby player, he had a wife named lynette, and lived with her and the couple’s two children in Sydney. Nothing seemed strange, it was a normal family… until in January of that same year, her wife disappeared without a trace.

Chris had already left rugby in the late 1970s and at the time was working as a physical education teacher in a public school in North Sydney. That was precisely where he fell in love with one of her students, Joanne Curtis, who was 16 years old at the time.

The teenager came from a broken family and Chris grew close to her and formed a close relationship. The former rugby player hired her as a nanny at her house, and that’s when they started a secret relationship. In fact, such was her obsession with her that Dawson considered her a “replacement” for her wife, and three days after Lynete’s disappearance, Joanne Curtis had moved into her home. .


Chris Dawson was married to Lynette.

As his extramarital affair progressed, he attempted to divorce Lynette, to no avail. That frustrated him so much that he ended up killing her, despite the fact that he has always maintained the version that her wife abandoned him and her two children to join a religious group.

The importance of the podcast

At trial, Dawson explained that Lynette called him days later to tell him she needed space, but the judge did not believe this version, since he did not contact any other family member or acquaintance. In 2018 he was arrested and found guilty.

Thanks to journalist Hedley Thomas reinvestigating the case on his podcast, it was reopened. Such has been the importance of this podcast, that it has managed to win the Walkley, the prestigious Australian journalism award.

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