Who is Oli London?: The controversial British who wants to become Korean | Society

Who is Oli London?: The controversial British who wants to become Korean | Society
Who is Oli London?: The controversial British who wants to become Korean | Society

In recent years, various stories have emerged of people who want to look like their idols, but there are cases that go beyond the usual, such as that of oli london.

The 32-year-old born and raised in London, UKhas drawn attention in recent times after declaring “transracial” and search through the surgeries to look like Jimin from BTS, one of his idols from South Korea. This has drawn attention on social networks, criticizing the appropriation of a culture different from that of its origin.

Although his way to become Korean has not been without controversythe young man continues to share on social networks about his Cosmetic surgeriesyour day to day living in South Koreaand responding to those who criticize him for his way of life.

The Rise of Oli London

After moving to South Korea in 2013 to teach Englishthe young British man began to discover about the culture and music of the country where he met the boy band South Korean BTSobsessed with Jimin, one of the members of the band. “He is like my model, just like Michelangelo with David, he is my model, I base myself on his appearance to perform cosmetic surgeries to look like him, ”Oli told the German media Arte.tv.

Since 2014, Oli London has undergone 32 surgeriesincluding various rhinoplasties, lip fillers, eye surgeries, facelifts, skin whitening, among other aesthetic procedures, in order to become a person with asian features.

His “obsession” as he has declared, has crossed borders and has forged a growing popularity in social networkswhere he shows his life in South Korea as influencertheir new “crush” of TikTok and performing viral challenges on the social network that keep it in trends. In addition, he has also ventured into the world of musicmaking his own video clips which include a lot of color and paraphernalia, where he demonstrates his love for korean culture and k pop.

Controversies about his life

The criticism that the influencer receives can be perceived in all his social networks, due to the high exposure of his life and his activities, in addition to generating nuisance in the community in general before their opinions or actions.

In 2020, Oli London married a “cardboard” by Jimin in a strange ceremony held in Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, USA. There he said yes in front of “Elvis Presley”, who officiated the link, which was attended by his closest friends.

During 2021, Oli London came out to clarify doubts about his person, identifying himself as non binary and koreanin addition to posting on Twitter a flag of South Korea with the colors of the LGBT+ flag. This caused outrage both in the Korean community and in those in the LGBT+ movement, who did not hesitate to respond and deliver their positions on his statements.

One of his last controversies was his marriage with Danny Richardson 19-year-old British porn actor with “similar traits” to Jimin, after his divorce with the cardboard cutout of Jimin from BTS. The ceremony was held in London, accompanied by people dressed as nurses and doctors, along with a semi-naked shepherd who officiated the ritual. The ceremony was recorded and then published on the young man’s social networks.

Apologies in front of your obsession

Given the controversy of his life, the “influencer” commented to the Mirror medium that with the passage of time and increase in surgeries, his family has distanced himself from him. “My mother and sister disown me, which is painful. I also lost friendsThey think I’m out of my mind,” Oli London told the media.

Also the cultural appropriation to how a Korean person has generated rejection on TikTok, where they make fun of his pronunciation and ask him not to leave in ridiculous asian culture. So much so, that he has been invited to programs such as Dr. Phil or Channel 4’s “Would You Rather”, where he defended his position as transracial against a young woman opposed to his opinion.

Although Oli London has felt this discomfort over time, on August 28 last posted a video on his official YouTube channel, apologizing for his words and actions in front of the Korean community and BTS’s Park Jimin.

There he comments on his therapy and rehabilitation to treat his obsession with the Korean musician, reaching to disburse Thousands of dollars in cosmetic surgeries to physically resemble him. The full will was also posted on his Instagram account, where he states that his obsession with looking like someone else was a mistake.

The young man will continue to publicize the Asian culture in their networks, since it is a daily part of their life. “I always want to spread love, positivity, happiness and share my love for k-pop and korea with the world. This was and always has been my goal,” Oli London expressed in her apology letter on her Instagram.

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