1-1. Mallorca slips two gold points

1-1. Mallorca slips two gold points
1-1. Mallorca slips two gold points

He had it in his hands, but it slipped through his fingers when he already tasted it. A penalty in the last minute deprived Mallorca of victory, put on track with a Raíllo’s great goal in the 86th minute after a corner kick, but it did not overshadow the good game played by the team against an enemy like Girona who were up to the task. At the level they were seen today, it will be difficult for both of them to have problems avoiding relegation, but the season has just started and that’s it. It is the third penalty received against the Bermellones in just four days of Championship.

Majorca ran into another opponent from his leagueas was Rayo last week, but now with the need to assume a hegemonic role to which it was not obliged in Vallecas. As expected, it had fewer spaces and more difficulties, but it was nothing that did not enter the script. The afternoon invited to spend heat and that a true game of chess was played on the field in which the objective was to eliminate the queen of the other side as soon as possible.

The team accepted its role and threw the pressure higher, but prioritized its self-protection and did not change the central line in the face of the presence above the Taty Castellanosheir to the absent Stuani. The Argentine barely came into play in the first half, but who appeared more than necessary was Riquelme, who, shooting diagonally from the left, unleashed two cannon shots from outside the area that did not hit the goal, but that shook the entire stadium. Nevertheless It was all that Girona did in the first half.

in the other goal Juan Carlos had more work, but all concentrated in the final stretch of the first part. first before James Costa and then before Muriqi, but when the normality of the alcarreño goal was really altered was when Díaz de Mera went to the penalty spot to punish one of his clearances after a corner. The stadium rose like a spring and Muriqi did not take a second to claim the ball to execute it, but the VAR warned the referee that he went to see the play on the monitor and in effect the had to turn back because nothing punishable had happenedbut a forceful clearance with the fist of Juan Carlos himself against the Kosovar striker.

The second part started a free kick that forced Rajkovic to put his hands, but it was just an anomaly because Mallorca did not take long to claim the ball. The team went upstairs and approached the Girona area, but not deep enough to create dangerwhich encouraged Aguirre to resort to the bench to solve the jam. Grenier joined the party and micheHe responded by replacing Greinier by Tony Villaanother of the newcomers.

The clash was equalized again, but in minute 73 everything could change on an extraordinary pass from Kang that reached Grenier in the box, but that it is not a territory that dominates the Frenchwhose soft shot, with everything in favor, went into the hands of Juan Carlos.

Míchel used up the gunpowder he had left with Samu Saiz Y Manuel Vallejo and his exit could have been providential because a pass from the first ended with a cross from Arnau in the small area that put the heart of the entire stadium in a fist.

Everything seemed headed for 0-0, but in the 86th minute the bench jumped. Mallorca took a corner to the far post, where Raíllo cushioned the ball with his chest and when it fell, he hit the net with his left foot to score a real goal that seemed to be definitive. However at 89 minutes Copete pushed Manu Vallejo in the area in a clear action and Samu Saiz got a draw that is fair seeing what happened on the pitch. Abdón made it 2-1 with a header in stoppage time, but his shot did not hit the goal and that was the end of it. The point is not bad. It is true that it could have been better, butl Majorca is on the right track.

Majorca: Rajkovic (1), Maffeo (2), Valjent (1), Raíllo (3), Copete (2), Jaume Costa (1), Battaglia (1), Antonio Sánchez (1), Dani Rodríguez (1), Kang In Lee (1) and Muriqi (1). Grenier (1) by Antonio Sánchez (59′), Abdón (1) by Dani Rodríguez (72′), Galarreta (sc) by Battaglia (92′)

Girona: Juan Carlos (2), Arnau (1), Santi Bueno (1), Juanpe (1), Miguel Gutiérrez (1), Oriol Romeu (2), David López (1), Aleix García (1), Reinier (1) , Riquelme (2) and Castellanos (1). Toni Villa (1) for Reinier (64′), Manu Vallejo (1) for Riquelme (78′), Samu Sáiz (1) for Castellanos (78′), Bernardo (sc) for Miguel Gutiérrez (92′), Javi Hernández (sc) by David López (92′)

Referee: Diaz de Mera (1). TA Battaglia, Muriqi, Antonio Sánchez, Copete, Oriol Romeu, Castellanos

Goal: 1-0. Min.86: Rail; 1-1. Min.90: Samu Saiz

Incidents: 13,390 fans in Son Moix. The Mallorcan Xisco Campos made the honorary kick of the match.

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