The girlfriend of Cristina Kirchner’s attacker was threatened with death: “We are not terrorists”

The girlfriend of Cristina Kirchner’s attacker was threatened with death: “We are not terrorists”

The girlfriend of Fernando André Sabag Montiel, the man detained for trigger vice president Cristina Kirchner with a gun, denounced threats. “We are not terrorists,” said Ámbar in statements to the press.

“We are very afraid because they are blaming us for something we did not do,” said the woman, who spoke with colleagues from the cotton candy business where she met Sabag Montiel.

According to what he said, he had been in a relationship with Sabag Montiel for a month, living with him, but he never saw a gun or the bullets that the police found in the house they shared. “I found out from the press what happened,” she said about the attack on the vice president and assured that she never heard Sabag Montiel speak about her intentions to kill her.

He also said that the last time he saw him was two days ago, and that he was not with him that Thursday night, when Sabag Montiel went to Cristina Kirchner’s house and shot him twice in the head.

Both Ámbar and her friends from the group of cotton candy vendors said they received threats on social media. “According to the networks we are the friends of the murderer,” they said in dialogue with Telefe.

“I am very afraid of what could happen to me,” Ámbar said, and that they feel “very exposed.”

“It was quiet”

About the attacker, another of the colleagues from the group of cotton candy vendors said that he is a person with “a calm profile”, who used to make jokes, who was “loving” and “a good person”.

“He used to complain about the rise in the dollar, about the economy, but nothing else,” said those consulted about what motivations he could have for carrying out the attack.

They also said that they do not believe in the version given by Mario, a friend of Sabag Montiel earlier this Friday, who said that the attacker was bullied as a boy and that this could have to do with what he did. “We don’t know that guy, he came out of nowhere, we don’t know if what he says is real,” they said.

Asked about the lawyer who appeared to defend Sabag Montiel, Ámbar said that she did not call him and that she does not know where he came from.

On the other hand, the colleagues clarified that although they knew each other from the work group they have and there was a certain friendship, they did not know him that well. “Seeing him like this on camera and seeing what he did was a shock,” said one of the companions.

TV appearances

About the appearances on the mobiles where she was seen speak on camera with Sabag Montiel, Ámbar said that “it was by chance”. “They had interviewed us, he spoke, he told me if he wanted to speak and that was it,” he said.

Both Sabag Montiel and Ámbar had appeared on a mobile giving their opinion about the social plans, where they said that they preferred to go out to work than to live off the state. “My girlfriend had social plans, but she stopped having them. She does not give to have the same money because she prefers to work, ”Sabag Montiel had said, before the cameras of Crónica TV.

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