Spotify ranking in Peru: top 10 of the most popular songs of this day

Spotify ranking in Peru: top 10 of the most popular songs of this day
Spotify ranking in Peru: top 10 of the most popular songs of this day

The musical offer has never been so extensive as we see it in the new millennium, so it is easy for more than one person to feel outdated, however, with the emergence of platforms like Spotify, keeping up with the most popular of the moment has become easier.

And it is that Spotify has provided its users with playlists where they can consult the news and the topics that are conquering the Peruvian public.

From reggaeton, pop, ballads and regional music, These are the most famous hits in Peru:

1. Quevedo: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 52

The Bizarrap theme is very successful among the users of this platform, after accumulating 217,914 reproductions. Today it is still in the first position.

two. The bachata

3. Effect

“Efecto”, performed by Bad Bunny, occupies third place on the list, after achieving 198,519 reproductions.

Four. I behave pretty

5. Titi asked me

Reaping hits is synonymous with Bad Bunny. Therefore, it is not surprising that his new production, called “Tití Preguntó”, debuted in fifth position on that occasion. Who else could boast 167,866 first entry views?

6. Pretty eyes

7. Moscow Mule

8. Brown eyes

A number as favorable as 122,930 reproductions is not enough to continue advancing in the ranking. Thus, the one that was a hit by Lasso is losing places in the list of the most listened to songs. Today it is placed in eighth place.

9. fridge


«DESPECHÁ» by ROSALÍA has carved out a niche for itself among the favorites of the moment. It has 120,095 reproductions, which is why she remains in the tenth position.

In the music industry, Peru is one of the most difficult countries to conquer, but those who manage to do so are guaranteed the doors of success just as these artists have achieved. Remember that this top 10 is updated every 24 hours.

*Some hits don’t have a description because the platform doesn’t provide it.

The Spotify Boom

Spotify has become one of the most competitive streaming platforms. (Spotify)

Founded in 2006the company of Swedish origin formally began its activities in Europe on October 7, 2008 and little by little it has been having a presence all over the world, being currently in 187 countries and offering music from more than seven million artists.

Today the streaming platform has agreements with Universal Music, Sony Music, EMI Music, Hollywood Records, Interscope Records, Warner Musicamong other.

In terms of podcast, Spotify announced in November 2020 the purchase and acquisition of the advertising and podcast platform mega phone for 235 million dollars, which was used for the monetization of audios.

According to the figures published by Spotify, in 2019 it had 217 million subscribers, which in 2020 increased to 345 million and that in 2021, despite the pandemic, they reached 365 million subscribersof which about 50% are paying customers, while they now number 433 million users.

Spotify and Apple seek to lead the music streaming and podcast market. (Illustration: Anayeli Tapia)

As a model, Spotify has raised pay artists from your catalog a fixed price per song or album sold and gives royalties based on the amount of artist plays in proportion to the total songs streamed, unlike its competitors, who pay for physical sales or downloads.

In addition, the 70% of your total income they go to copyright holders, mostly record labels, who then pay artists based on their individual contracts.

It should be noted that currently anyone can enjoy the Spotify free serviceas long as you’re willing to put up with ads and with restrictions like not being able to skip some songs.


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