15 curiosities of Armenia, the new destination of Kevin Reyes

15 curiosities of Armenia, the new destination of Kevin Reyes
15 curiosities of Armenia, the new destination of Kevin Reyes

Today at CANCHA we put together 15 curiosities from Armenia, the new destination of soccer player Kevin Reyes and who will have his first adventure as a professional abroad

The Salvadorian Kevin Reyesa talented footballer and left winger, will play for Alashkert from Armenia in the UEFA Zone. Regarding his first adventure as a legionnaire, today we bring you 15 curiosities about his new destiny.

Kevin Reyes is already the Salvadoran fifth in playing for a former Soviet republic after Rodolfo Zelaya (Russia), Ricardo Ulloa (Latvia), Ramón Sánchez (Kazakhstan) and Nelson Bonilla (Azerbaijan).

Without further ado, we bring those eye-catching data below without any hierarchical order. Many successes to Kevin Reyes in the Republic of Armenialand of wines, great soccer players and an ancestral town:

1- Kevin Reyes will meet in the Alashkert of Armenia with Bladimir Díaz and Fabio Burbano, former FAS and Águila soccer players, respectively.

two- Alashkert HR It is one of the best teams in that country. He has participated several times UEFA champions league within the previous rounds. The team usually plays (Hrazdan Stadium) where the Armenian National Team also plays, just as Alianza or Marte perform at the Cuscatlán Stadium.

3. This Alashkert team has a coach named Karen, a name used in the West to usually refer to a woman. Her full name is Karen Barseghian.

Four. By the way, the name Karen is also present in soccer players and men in general in Armenia, it is not an unusual masculine name in those parts.

5. The famous monument “we are our mountains” is in Armenia. Structure over 50 years old and once humorously associated with Pique and Puyol they look alike, don’t they? This was done in Stepanakert by sculptor Sargis Baghdasaryan and architect Yuri Hakobyan.

6. Carlos Garabet Avedissian Demirdjian is a veteran coach Uruguayan with Armenian roots, some time ago he directed the disappeared Sonsonate Soccer Club.

7. Henrikh Mkhitaryan (player of international from Milan) is probably the best-known Armenian footballer in the world. He once scored during a beating suffered by the Selected against the Europeans for a friendly in the USA (4-0). At that time he belonged to Borussia Dortmund, but almost a month later he was transferred to .

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8. The country of Armenia has nothing to do with the municipality of Armenia in Sonsonate, El Salvador. The Source why this region was baptized in national territory has not yet been verified, but the first signs of the ancient European town as such date from 827 years BC.

9. Did you know? In Armenian the Chess It is a compulsory subject in school and there are even exams to determine the progress in your learning. Some of us are taught strategy even at the university, but this is not the case in Armenia, where they are advanced several years from childhood.

10. Armenia was the first country to adopt the Christianity as official religion. Today, 97% of the current population is Christian and Armenia is characterized by having several Christian temples that are very well preserved and cataloged as “places to visit” when doing tourism. With their Marian crosses and imagesthey all have their particular beauty.

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eleven. In 1915 the “Armenian Genocide“. 1.5 million Armenians were killed by the Ottoman Empire, a bloody atrocity that to this day Turks and Azeris refuse to publicly acknowledge. “God wants to protect the memory of the Armenian people. Memory should not be washed away or forgotten. Memory is the Source of peace and the future,” the Pope Francisco remembering said genocide on its centenary seven years ago.

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12. Kevin Reyes will be the first Salvadoran of birth to play for a professional soccer team Armenia. Before, Bladimir Díaz, who has an assist in the UEFA Europa Conference League, was ahead of him by naturalization.

13. Armenian generally makes no difference between locals and foreigners when offering products or tourism. In other countries it is very common for goods and services are very expensive for foreign visitors.

14. One time Guatemala faced Armenia in a friendly international. The result was 7-1 in favor of the Europeans with a hat-trick from Henrikh Mkhitaryan. For the neighbors he put the one of honor Carlos “Pescadito” Ruiz.

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fifteen. Henrikh Mkhitaryan (2019) was unable to attend the grand final with Arsenal Europe League in Baku, Azerbaijan, due to the fact that in said country (eternal political rival with Turkey) no Azeri authority was interested in guaranteeing the security of the Armenian footballer in what was one of the most unfortunate political events in the history of UEFA. Mkhitaryan did not travel to Baku and Arsenal lost the final against Chelsea.

Bonuses. The diaspora Armenia is immense, it is estimated that there are 10 to 12 millions of Armenians outside their country while in the national territory there are around 3 millions.

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