The DDI confirmed that the truck is the one that caused the accident

Yesterday the Head of the Investigations Division, Pablo Méndez referred to the case of Antonio Barra and the kidnapping of the truck.

Méndez specified that an extensive investigation was carried out that allowed them to achieve identify and kidnap the car unit in the vicinity of Ramón Santos.

Likewise, it was learned that the rigorous procedures corresponding to the case that consisted of ocular inspection, photographic sequence and fingerprinting.

Following this, Méndez confirmed that the shot in question is indeed the one that caused the incident that ended the life of Antonio Barra.

Finally, he specified that they are still investigating to determine Who was driving the truck at the time of the accident?

The fact

It should be remembered that the rollover occurred on July 26, 40 kilometers north of Caleta Olivia, along National Route No. 3, in the “Sugar Loaf” area. Police personnel and firefighters from the Fifth Unit were present at the scene along with an ambulance.

The accident was carried out by the journalist Antonio Barra, along with his wife Ana Together who were accompanied by another womanr, whose identity was not disclosed according to Channel 2 of Caleta Olivia, who were traveling aboard a Renault Captur van.

Antony, driver, was trapped inside the wheel, so the Rescue and Salvage firefighters had to open the roof and thus be able to get him out of the cabin.

All the occupants of the vehicle were urgently referred to the Comodoro Rivadavia hospital. The driver presents serious facial injuries.

According to reports, the accident originated as a result of detach a winch from a truck and hit the driver’s side windshield. The metal object hit the driver’s face and he lost control of the car.

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