Who is the man that does not separate from at her worst moment?

Who is the man that does not separate from at her worst moment?
Who is the man that Shakira does not separate from at her worst moment?

A few days ago Gerard Piqué issued a statement in which he warned against taking legal action in the face of all the information that has been published as a result of images coming to light with his new partner, Clara Chía. Without a doubt, this is one of the most delicate moments for the footballer now that his name resonates stronger than ever in the media.

Meanwhile, continues to lead her life, very aware of her children. Also Tonino, brother of the singer, who arrives once again at the artist’s house and assured us that he has no new information about it since Piqué made the statement to the press: “I don’t know anything new, there are no comments”. Together with her sister, they do not fail a day to support her in these hard times.

We have also been able to see Tonino accompanying Shakira to pick up her children, who are being the main support for the artist at the moment. With a serious face, she left the house and kept silent when asked if she agrees with the statement that her ex-partner gave a few days ago against the media. None of them wanted to reveal his opinion about the footballer’s words, but it is clear that they want to stay out of it.

In this way, the images confirm that Shakira and Tonino are two inseparable people in these delicate moments that they have lived since the couple’s breakup was confirmed. There is no doubt that her main support for the singer does not leave her alone for a single day, demonstrating not only her love, but also the support she needs from her.

Tonino reveals how Shakira is after Gerard Piqué’s forceful statement

The endless headlines and rumors that he has starred in since he announced his separation from Shakira and confirmed his relationship with Clara Chía have surpassed Gerard Piqué who, fed up with the persecution he has suffered for three months and trying to preserve the privacy of the children he had with the singer, issued this Thursday a forceful statement announcing that it will take legal action against those who violate the rights of their children.

“Since last June 4 Shakira and Gerard Piqué announced their separation through a joint statement, many rumors and alleged unverified information about the player, his family and his personal and, therefore, private life have been published. These reports and images cause not only damage to his honor and damage to his image, but also a serious attack on the rights of his children, whose safety and protection represent his greatest concern for him,” said the text made public by the team of lawyers of the soccer player, ‘denouncing’ the situation in which both he and his children find themselves.

“In recent weeks there have been interferences that go beyond the limits of legality, for which our client has been forced to request precautionary measures of removal and take legal action against those who alter their family life and violate the rights of their Gerard Piqué’s only objective is to guarantee his well-being and restore his rights to privacy, security and tranquility” reported his lawyers, thus announcing that the Blaugrana will not shake his pulse when it comes to suing those media outlets that do not respect his intimacy and that of the little ones he had with Shakira, Milan and Sasha, aged 9 and 7 respectively.

A statement that Piqué signs alone and on which the Colombian singer has not spoken at the moment. Focused on preparing her defense for the trial for alleged tax fraud for which she faces a sentence of 8 years in prison, Shakira met this Thursday with her team of lawyers at her home, thus avoiding being seen after the first statements of the footballer after their separation.

Who we did see entering and leaving the family mansion on several occasions was Tonino, the artist’s brother and his great support in these hard times. Very discreetly, he has avoided commenting on Gerard’s statement and has not confirmed whether he met with his ex-brother-in-law a few days ago to act as a mediator between Shakira and the footballer in order to reach an agreement for her children. What he has told us is how the singer of ‘I congratulate you’ is after recent events: “She is fine and she is doing everything well,” he assured.

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