Why doesn’t Lukaku play in Inter Milan for Serie A?

Why doesn’t Lukaku play in Inter Milan for Serie A?
Why doesn’t Lukaku play in Inter vs Milan for Serie A?

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Inzaghi’s inter visits Milan for the fifth round of Serie A without the presence of Romelu Lukaku on the squad list. What is the reason for his absence?

By Peter Occhiuzzi

09/03/2022 – 15:12 UTC

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The Series A is presented on this Saturday as one of the biggest attractions of football on this date. Thus, Milan and Inter will be measuring each other in what will be the great classic of Italian football for what will be the fifth date of the local tournamentl. However, the group directed by Inzaghi presents the great drop in Romelu Lukaku.

In this context, It is more than necessary to remember that Inter came from beating Cremonense pr 3 to 1 in the last Series A date with goals from the Argentines Correa and Martínez plus another from the Italian Barella. However, those from Milan also come from losing an incredible game against Lazio last week by 3 to 1 and the obligation to add 3 to 3 is more than necessary.

Secondly, the current champion of Serie A is shown as one of the undefeated in the tournament with 2 wins and 2 draws. In this way, Milan comes from equalizing against a poor Sassuolo by 0 to 0 and in turn managed to beat Bologna 2 to 0 just a week ago.

Why doesn’t Lukaku play in Inter Milan for Serie A?

Clarified this scenario, It is necessary to say that Inter will not be able to count on the presence of its great reinforcement Romelu Lukaku for the match against Milan on this fifth date. Based on this, the Italian club communicated through its social networks that the forward line will be made up of Martinez and Correa.

As mentioned, It should be noted that the absence of the former Chelsea player is based on an injury to his left thigh that arose during training prior to the match against Lazio.

Having said that, The aforementioned striker suffered a strain in the flexor of his right leg and will be out of the playing fields for another 2 or 3 weeks.. In this way, the former Chelsea already missed the duels against Milan, Bayern Munich for the Champions League and probably against Torino for the next Italian date.

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