No one lives here (AQNHQV), a successful series that aired on Antena 3 between 2003 and 2006 It is still today one of the favorite Spanish productions of many when they plug in their television. Furthermore, it is still possible to meet some of its most emblematic episodes with a bit of luck if you zap with your remote on your TV (new channels for DTT).

While some of its actors continue today with their jobs in the world of cinema, others unfortunately are no longer with us in this world and others have gone from ‘prime’ to oblivion. for different situations. It is what it is to be an actor/actress, with your private life apart from the series/film that made you rise to stardom. Those private lives often do not transcend and sometimes, as in this case, reach public opinion.




Unforgettable actors: The nine characters of ‘There is no one alive here’ who have died
Rose Fields

Who are we going to talk about today? From Santiago Ramos, who played the role of the mythical ‘Andrés Guerra’ in AQNHQV. After a long audiovisual career, this is the role for which he is most remembered. And now, for health reasons, he is retired from his professional life. His wife, Paca Almenara, has confessed.

What happened to Santiago Ramos ‘Andrés Guerra’ after AQNHQV?

Santigo Ramos has been away from the big spotlights and the world of acting for many years. His state of health is now very delicate and for this reason he has had to put aside his professional life.

Santigo Ramos won the Goya for ‘Best Leading Actor’ for ‘Como un relámpago’, in 1996

Paca Almenara, his wife, recently spoke on Socialité, Telecinco, to give some details about Santigo Ramos and deny that his situation of ‘media oblivion’ is the result of being broke or in a difficult economic situation. The reality is different: he has suffered from Parkinson’s since 2016. “He is not bankrupt or in misery. We are not rich, but we have to take care of him perfectly from his illness,” said Paca Almenara.

Unemployed since 2014 and 73 years old: this is how Santigo Ramos is

Although Santiago is 73 years old, already in 2014 he recognized that he was collecting unemployment benefits due to a bad time at work. His wife has denied to ‘Socialité’, as has already been stated, that it is going through an extreme situation like the one that some media have told.

However, his state of health is delicate and Paca Almenara has not wanted to ignore it. “He started very young, 66 years old or thereabouts. So seeing it like this makes you very sad...” explained his wife.

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