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The Peruvian classic between Alianza Lima . Universitario will be played this Sunday, September 4, at the Alejandro Villanueva ‘Matute’ Stadium. The long-awaited match, which corresponds to matchday 10 of the Closing Tournament, League 1, will be broadcast via GOLPERÚ.

Alianza Lima vs Universitario live: latest news from the Peruvian classic

Waldir Sáenz attacked Barco days before the classic

A new controversy is the one that has been armed shortly after playing the classic between Alianza Lima vs. Universitario de Deportes, since former soccer player Waldir Sáenz mentioned that Bustos’ team lacks a ‘9’ in the area, leaving aside the work of Hernán Barcos. “I think that Alianza lacks a little more in the offensive, it lacks a ‘9’ in the area so that the others can have the peace of mind of arriving in the best way, and also so that those who go outside know that there is a striker in that area of ​​the field. He needs an area benchmark,” he mentioned in GOLPERÚ.

Which team has won more classics?

Alianza Lima is the team that has won this type of matchup the most times, with a total of 141 victories between official and friendly matches. However, Universitario de Deportes has defeated Alianza more times for Copa Libertadores duels.
From then on, the statistics are in favor of the Victorian club with the most goals scored, the most games unbeaten and the most wins achieved in a row.

YOU CAN SEE Table of positions of League 1 LIVE prior to the Peruvian Clausura classic

A new edition of the national classic will be played for the second time in the 2022 season, the duel in which they not only fight for the three points in dispute, but also for the honor of facing their arch-rival.

At the first meeting of the year, Lima Alliance dealt the hardest blow to academic by thrashing him 4-1 at the Monumental Stadium in Ate, so it is expected that there will be a great show between the ‘blue and whites’ who will not give up and the ‘merengues’ who will seek to get their revenge.

Possible eleven of Alianza Lima:

Ángelo Campos, Gino Peruzzi, Christian Ramos, Yordi Vílchez, Ricardo Lagos, Josepmir Ballón, Jairo Concha, Pablo Lavandeira, Cristian Benavente, Aldair Rodríguez and Hernán Barcos.

Possible University eleven:

José Carvallo, Aldo Corzo, Federico Alonso, Nelinho Quina, Nelson Cabanillas, Jorge Murrugarra, Jordan Guivin, Piero Quispe, Andy Polo, Alberto Quintero and Alexander Succar.

How Alianza Lima arrives against Universitario:

Carlos Bustos’ team is emerging as the favorite of the match, coming from an invincible streak, as it reaches 9 dates without losing, and did not fall in any duel in the Closing Tournament.

In the most recent day, Alianza Lima had a bitter taste due to the draw against UTC in Cajamarca, since the Victorians had almost closed the victory.

How University arrives before Alianza Lima:

On the other side of the coin, Compagnucci’s men have the need to add, since they have not been able to maintain consistency throughout the season.

Before facing his ‘compadre’ he beat Ayacucho 2-1 at the Monumental Stadium. And he added seven points of the last 15 he fought.

At what time does Alianza Lima play vs. Academic?

the match between Alliance Lima vs University will start this Sunday 3 from 3:30 pm Follow the schedule guide to see the commitment for League 1.

  • Peru: 3.30 p.m.
  • Mexico: 3.30 p.m.
  • Colombia: 3.30 p.m.
  • Ecuador: 3.30 p.m.
  • Venezuela: 4.30 p.m.
  • Bolivia: 4.30 p.m.
  • Paraguay: 5.30 p.m.
  • Chile: 4.30 p.m.
  • Argentina: 5.30 p.m.
  • Uruguay: 5.30 p.m.
  • Brazil: 5.30 pm
  • Spain: 10.30 pm

On what channel does Alianza Lima play vs. University LIVE?

The broadcast of the match Alliance Lima vs. academic on television will be in charge of Gol Peru in the Peruvian territory. Below is the list of channels in the world.

  • Argentina: GolTV Latin America, ViX
  • Bolivia: GolTV Latin America, ViX
  • Chile: ViX, GolTV Latin America, Peru Magico
  • Colombia: ViX, GolTV Latin America
  • Costa Rica: ViX, GolTV Latin America
  • Ecuador: ViX, GolTV Latin America
  • International: GOLTV Play, Fanatiz International, Bet365
  • Mexico: Fanatiz Mexico, ViX, GolTV Latin America
  • Panama: GolTV Latin America, ViX
  • Paraguay: ViX
  • Peru: ViX, GolTV Latin America, Gol Peru
  • United States: GOLTV, VIX+, Peru Magico, GolTV Espanol
  • Uruguay: ViX, GolTV Latin America
  • Venezuela: ViX, GolTV Latin America, Peru Magico

Where to see Alianza Lima vs Universitario via GOLPERU LIVE?

you can watch the game Alliance Lima vs University by the Gol Peru signal on the following channels according to your cable or satellite TV operator:

  • Movistar TV: channel 114 (SD), channel 814 (HD).
  • Movistar TV: channel 14 (SD), channel 714 (HD)
  • Star Globalcom: channel 14 (SD).

How to watch Alianza Lima vs Universitario LIVE on the internet for FREE?

If you don’t want to miss the transmission of this match Alianza Lima vs Universitario online, you can tune in to the Movistar Play signal, Movistar TV’s streaming service that includes the Gol Perú channel in its programming.

Alliance Lima vs. University: prediction and/or bets

betting house Lima Alliance tie academic
Betson 1.82 3.40 4.50
bet365 1.85 3.40 4.50
1xBet 1.78 3.50 4.44
goldbet 1.82 3.60 4.50 1.80 3.50 4.70

Where does Alianza Lima play vs. University LIVE?

The duel between Alianza Lima vs. Universitario will be played at the Alejandro Villanueva Stadium, a sports venue that is located in the district of La Victoria, Lima, and has the capacity to hold more than 33,000 spectators.

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