NASA cancels Artemis I mission to the Moon for the second time

For this Saturday was scheduled by NASA the second attempted flight of the uncrewed mission Artemis I. However, the launch was cancelled, following a fueling problem identified at the time of preparation.

According to CNN, the team acknowledged a leak of liquid hydrogen, material used for the propellants in the core stage of the rocket. The leak prevented hydrogen from reaching the same tank.

The Chilean NASA engineer, Eduardo Bendeksaid in conversation with DNA that the technical failure that occurred last Monday is “normal”, although “we were motivated to see what was happening.”

On this second attempt, Bendek had advanced “several things to take into consideration; one is weather (…) The other problem is the orbit; we have to be in the right location to be able to launch towards the Moon. The third problem is technical things.”

In its Twitter account, NASA explained that the failure was “in the hardware that transfers fuel to the rocket.”

Artemis 1 It is part of a larger-scale space program, hence its name ‘mission‘, and listed as the first. All with the ultimate goal of reach the moon again.

“The ultimate goal is to settle on the Moon, to be able to have a base (…) to have a permanent presence, to have a base,” Bendek told DNA .

Name Artemis arises from the twin sister of Apollo: the latter was the one that gave the name to the American mission that took a person to the Moon, the Earth’s natural satellite, for the first time.

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