Basic golden rules to have healthy, strong and shiny hair

Our hair, like our face and our body, requires a daily routine and special care. There are not many women who are happy with their hair, and this is because we do not usually take care of it as we should: we wear our hair up and sleep with wet hair, we make excessive use of the dryer and irons, we wear pigtails that are too tight, we do not use masks (or not with the necessary frequency)… For this reason, we reveal some golden rules for your hair to be strong, healthy and full of shine. Do you want to show off your hair all year round? Follow these simple steps and get it.

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Golden rules to get a mane of film

There are numerous factors that make the hair routine especially important, such as pollution, cold, heat or humidity. With daily gestures you can make your hair shine and be healthy all year round. Today we tell you the golden rules to wear a mane of film.

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the wash

We are not aware of the importance of washing in our daily hair care routine. The first thing is detoxify the scalp once a monthwith a specific product, shampoos and masks that we use must respect the pH and must not contain neither sulfates nor silicones, since they cover the hair follicle. Washing must be gentle, since, otherwise, this leads to the stimulation of sebum production. Regarding the temperature of the water, it would be optimal for it to be lukewarm or cold, due to the fact that hot water promotes the production of fat.

Take care of the hair
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It is not a complicated step. With brushing your hair In the morning and evening should be enough. We also recommend that you do it before using the shampoo, why? Brushing is an effective way to spread the sebum from the roots to the ends. This is the most natural and appropriate protection to take care of the cuticles and avoid knots.

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Masks help hydrate hair, but to achieve results we should extrapolate their use. Our recommendation is that, about once or twice a week, half an hour or an hour before showering, you apply the product from the middle of the hair to the ends, without touching the scalp. We let it rest in the open air or with a shower cap and off to the shower! We remove with the shampoo and that’s it.

Long hair
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It is one of the key steps. For a professional cleaning there are two factors to take into account: quantity and area. For a deep cleaning you do not need a large amount of product, a little will suffice.

Long hair
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As for the area, we are very wrong to think that we should wash our entire hair with shampoo, from start to finish. The ideal is to apply the shampoo only on the scalp, in this way we will not end up with the sebum that nourishes our ends and will help them not to break so easily.

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