Cuban in Brazil accused of murder: hit her in the head and let her drown

Cuban in Brazil accused of murder: hit her in the head and let her drown
Cuban in Brazil accused of murder: hit her in the head and let her drown

An identified Cuban Avilio Félix Rodríguez Mesa, who lived in Brazil with his wife, the youtuber Ivani Hoeff D’Agostini Costa, 56, is being charged with femicide after attempting on the life of this woman by hitting her on the head with a object that has not yet been identified.

The local newspapers warn that the crime occurred on July 5 and, although the accused reported it to the authorities as an accident, the delegate Marcos Ito Okuma of the civil police found several contradictions in the testimony of Avilio Félix, for which decided to intensify the investigation of the facts.

The couple lived in Balneario Cambour and had a YouTube channel called Motorhome Sabiá, in which they documented their trips and showed the places they visited.

According to the police report, the victim died of suffocation, after the Cuban hit her and she fell towards the banks of the Warnow River, in Indaial, a city in the state of Santa Catarina.

“The man would have left the victim Ivani Hoeff D’Agostini Costa alone and fallen into the river, and suffocation due to drowning is sufficient cause for his death, as indicated in the report,” the prosecutor said in his complaint cited by O Balloon.

Cuban in Brazil, murder

Ivani had undergone surgery on a wrist the day before the homicide, and had other problems in her right knee and left ankle, for which she was also unable to defend herself. In addition, the Cuban would have called the fire department and even asked for help after throwing his partner over the cliff to clear suspicions against him.

“Eternal sorrow in my soul, I lost the most valuable thing I had in my life, my other half, my eternal companion, Ivani,” Avilio Félix Rodríguez told his followers on the couple’s own YouTube channel, a day later. of the events.

According to the police report, the motive for the murder was the financial pretensions of the Cuban. According to the O Globo report, “the man knew that she wanted to end their relationship. Also, in the woman’s will, the vehicle in which she lived and the couple used to travel, would stay for Mesa.”

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