Natural gas service in Cali was restored

Natural gas service in Cali was restored
Natural gas service in Cali was restored


After the natural gas service to residential users and businesses in Cali was restored on Thursday afternoon, The gas service distribution company, Gases de Occidente, GdO, announced that it will reestablish starting this Friday, May 26, and gradually, for residential users of the remaining municipalities of Valle del Cauca and North of Cauca.

Gases de Occidente stressed that users of the remaining municipalities of the Valley should be attentive to the information published by Gases de Occidente on the process of gradual restoration of natural gas service. Likewise, industrial clients will be informed of the moment in which they will be able to count on the service.

After the gradual restoration of the natural gas service in Cali on the afternoon of this Thursday, The mayor of Cali, Jorge Iván Ospina, explained that the gas supply in the city could be restored, due to the fact that the main gas pipeline that supplies Valle del Cauca was not damaged, benefiting 640 thousand users in the Capital of the Valley.

The mayor of Cali Jorge Iván Ospina highlighted the work of the technicians and operating personnel of Gases de Occidente, as well as the contractors in the field for the great work they have done.

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Cali users are recommended follow the following safety recommendations to light your gas appliances:

check that the valves of the measurement center (located outside the house), the internal network (yellow keys located inside the house) and the gas appliances (stove, heater and others) are completely closed.

open slowly the metering center valve (yellow key located next to the gas meter outside the home) • Slowly open the internal network valves (yellow keys located inside the home)

open the knob from a gas appliance and let gas escape for a few seconds and close it. This operation is performed to purge the pipeline.

When performing this procedure, Your house must have adequate ventilation: open doors and windows to circulate air.

As a security measure repeat the operation with the rest of the gas appliances.

Turn on the gas appliances and check if the flame is stable. If any do not light, repeat the process.

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