The recovery of the service in the south of the country has already begun

The recovery of the service in the south of the country has already begun
The recovery of the service in the south of the country has already begun

Through a joint statement, the Government, Transportadora de Gas Internacional (TGI) and the natural gas distribution companies announced the gradual restoration of service.

Since last May 20, the TGI reported the preventive closure of a section of the Mariquita-Cali gas pipeline, after a thermal anomaly was detected that could affect the pipeline of the transporter.

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After the event occurred, the authorities, headed by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, announced the action plan to return the transportation of natural gas to the affected areas. (Coffee Axis, Tolima and the southwest of the country).

Although at the time it was expected that the affectation would be resolved in a period of nine days, after a meeting at the Unified Command Post (PMU) in Cerro Bravo, Tolima, the Minister of Mines and Energy, Irene Vélez, declared that thanks to what was verified “the integrity of the gas pipe, since it is confirmed that the temperature of the pipe is in an adequate medium, it is possible to recover the gas transport”.

The official informed that the commercial and residential sectors would be the first to recover the service and then the industries would follow.

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The gas service standardization process begins

The distribution company gases from the west announced that, starting at 4:00 pm this Thursday, May 25, the security protocols are being carried out to bring the service back to residential users and businesses in Cali.

The company also announced that, starting this Friday, May 26, and gradually, the service will be reactivated for residential users in the remaining municipalities of Valle and Norte del Cauca.

Users looking for propane gas

Juan Pablo Rueda. TIME

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For his part, Colombian Alkanes reported that it has already started the operational process to restore service in the shortest possible time to its residential, commercial and vehicular natural gas users.

In the case of the Coffee Axis, effigasthe firm in charge of covering this area, deployed a technical team in charge of identifying that the correct pressures are being registered in the distribution network.

In addition, he emphasized that, through its official channels, it will be communicating to its users the moment in which each municipality can use gas again.


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