Natural gas was restored in the residential sector of Cali

Natural gas was restored in the residential sector of Cali
Natural gas was restored in the residential sector of Cali

The mayor of Cali, Jorge Iván Ospina, insisted on the need to seek alternative solutions for the supply of natural gas, after the gradual restoration of this service in the city began.

“We cannot be exposed to the fact that, in another season, under an event, a landslide, an earthquake, the activation of the volcano, this pipeline line will definitively fracture and we will have a long-term emergency,” said Ospina.

The president added that “in order to resolve this, a regasification plant is needed in the Colombian Pacific, a second supply line for our city and our region, and we need to be able to do it in a formal, responsible manner.”

He also indicated that in conversations with the National Government, the possibility of that plant being located in Tumaco or Buenaventura has been raised.

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The mayor announced that as of today, Thursday (05.25.2023), the city will de-escalate the red alert that it had issued due to the gas crisis.

“We will go to a yellow alert until all the homes in Cali, the service companies, the health institutions have fully reestablished the gas,” he said.

At 4:30 p.m. this Thursday, the company Gases de Occidente officially announced the restoration of natural gas service in the residential sector of Cali.

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María del Pilar Rodríguez, general manager of Gases de Occidente, indicated that starting tomorrow, Friday (05.26.2023), the service will be restored for residences in the rest of the towns in its area of ​​operation (other municipalities of the Valley and north del Cauca).

“As soon as we have the right conditions to restore service for large industries, natural gas vehicle service stations, we will let our customers and all citizens know,” Rodríguez said.

Users in the residential sector are recommended to follow the following safety recommendations when turning on their gas appliances:

– Verify that the valves of the measurement center, the internal network and the gas appliances are closed.

– Slowly open the valve of the measurement center and the valves of the internal network.

– Open the knob of a gas appliance and let gas out for a few seconds; close it again. When performing this procedure, your home must have adequate ventilation (doors and windows open).

– Repeat the operation with the rest of the gas appliances.

– Turn on the gas appliances and verify that the flame is stable. If any do not turn on repeat the process.

In case of emergency, contact the Fire Department line 119 or Gases de Occidente line 164.

Ingrid Valderruten Peña

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