AGAIN. A NASA Weather Balloon fell in Santa Cruz

The Ministry of Security, through the Undersecretariat for Civil Protection and Comprehensive Approach to Emergencies and Catastrophes, reported today that in an unpopulated area of ​​the province, a weather balloon belonging to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the USA.

In the statement, he indicated that the fall of the device was expected since yesterday, and that “a follow-up of the weather balloon was carried out, verifying that it would not impact an urbanized area.”

In the same way, a coordinated security operation was carried out between the Undersecretary of Civil Protection, the Santa Cruz Police and the Argentine Air Navigation Company (EANA) with the aim of recovering and protecting two meteorological information capsules that will be transferred by an Argentine company to the United States.


It is not the first time that a NASA balloon has landed in Santa Cruz territory. In March 2014, a similar event occurred in the northeast of the province. On that occasion, NASA reported the loss of a meteorological balloon 70 kilometers from Las Heras. The artifact was found in a room in the area.

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