This was the exact moment of the bakery explosion in Toluca; it was gas accumulation (VIDEO)

This Thursday, the number of injured by the gas tank explosion inside a bakery in Tolucafive of them are reported serious, including a child under 4 years of age, which was captured in video.

What happened?

According to the General Coordination of Civil Protection and Comprehensive State Risk Management, this incident It happened in the streets Felipe Villanueva and Constituyentesin a bakery.

State authorities specified that this explosion happened due to the accumulation of gas in the building where the bakery is located and next to it a restaurant.

Therefore, the injured were transferred to the General Hospital “Dr. Nicolás San Juan”, to the Medical Center “Lic. Adolfo López Mateos” and the Toluca Red Cross.

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demolished facades

The accident occurred around 9:00 in the morning, where Witnesses report hearing an explosionwhich according to some videos captured, show how he knocked down the facade of the business and a lady who was walking on the sidewalk was projected at just that moment.

that was the explosion

In the shared images, such as the video shown by the @FernandoCruzFr7 Twitter account, it can be seen that the explosion was at 8:37 a.m..

In the shot, captured by a security camera, you can see the street when, from one moment to the next, exploit the property and pieces of concrete fly everywhere.

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According to information shared by local media, the gas accumulation explosion left at least six injured, including a minor.

It also caused damage to nearby properties, such as a birria business, and to parked vehicles.

For its part, the Toluca City Council confirmed that the explosion occurred in a bakery located in the Morelos delegation.

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