Marvelous announces new entries for Daemon x Machina, Story of Seasons and Rune Factory

Marvelous announces new entries for Daemon x Machina, Story of Seasons and Rune Factory
Marvelous announces new entries for Daemon x Machina, Story of Seasons and Rune Factory

This week, Sony has not been the only one to celebrate a Digital Showcase with new announcements. Yesterday, Thursday May 25, two other events were held, the “Skull Showcase” with Warhammer games, and the Marvelous Game Showcase 2023.

This is the first time for Japanese publisher Marvelous to hold their “Direct”, and it has been hosted by President and CEO Suminobu Sato, with a few new announcements in the series. Story of Seasons, rune factory and Daemon x Machina.

These are all the games Marvelous talked about at his showcase, where he usually didn’t mention platforms, but knowing Marvelous, most (probably all) will be coming out on Nintendo Switch, and many should be coming out on PC and PS4 as well.

All Marvelous Showcase 2023 Announcements

Daemon x Machina: Titanic Scion

The last announcement of the Showcase, and therefore the one with the greatest impact, was a new installment in the series of action games with mechas that we played on Nintendo Switch. Daemon x Machina: Titanic Scionis once again produced by the visionary Kenichiro Tsukuda.

Only a CGI teaser was seen, without gameplay or clues about what new playable there is. They haven’t said platforms either, though the original Daemon x Machina was a temporary Switch exclusive, and later came out on PC.

Story of Seasons

Perhaps Marvelous’s best-known franchise is Story of Seasons (which is the same as Harvest Moon, despite the hassle of name change due to licensing issues).

Between minute 15 and 20, Marvelous dedicated himself to talking about the two new installments of Story of Seasons, which do not have a definitive name. The closest one will be more classic, with the central theme of “Experiences”.

Later, a more ambitious installment of Story of Seasons will come out that will have multiplayer for the first time in the saga, although this installment did not show more than conceptual art.

rune factory

rune factory

A spin-off of Story of Seasons that has become its own franchise is Rune Factory. Thus, between the 20th and 25th minute, two new Rune Factory games have been shown, which will play with the differences between “East” and “West” according to this series.

First, Project Dragonis a spin-off set in the “Land of the East”, something that will be shown for the first time in the saga, with communities and towns with Japanese design.

On the other hand, it confirms the development of Rune Factory 6which will take place in the West, to show the contrast with the previous game.

Fashion Dreamer

Fashion Dreamer

On a different note, the first game they talked about at the showcase is a fashion designer, similar to games like Fashion Designer that were very popular on the 3DS.

This title will be released in 2023 in Japan at least, it is exclusive to nintendoswitchand will focus on connectivity with the possibility of sharing the designs with the whole world and facilitating social interactions between its players.

Two new RPGs

Project Life

Finally, we highlight two new IPs that do not have a definitive name. On the one hand, Project Magican RPG featuring Fairy Tail illustrator and writer Hiro Mashima.

They also announced Project Life, an RPG and simulator directed by Ittetsu Suzuki. None of these new Marvelous projects have an estimated date or platforms, although it is most likely that they will all come to fruition. nintendoswitchand probably many also to PC and PS4 (or just PS5, if they take a long time).

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