Indy 500: today is the ‘Carburation Day’

Indy 500: today is the ‘Carburation Day’
Indy 500: today is the ‘Carburation Day’

Since last Monday, when there was the last free practice to ‘return’ the cars to race configuration, no driver has been able to run at Indy, with the exception of Graham Rahal and Katherine Legge.

Rahal to get used to the car that Stefan Wilson was supposed to drive, after his accident, which left him ‘KO’ for the race due to a fracture of the T12 vertebra. It will be Stefan’s reserve car that the Dreibold & team has had to prepare against the clock. Graham will have had a lot of work these days and the 15 minutes must have served him to accommodate his position and above all to assimilate the engine.

Rahal runs a Honda and Wilson used a Chevrolet. Honda did not hesitate to give its driver permission to change brands for a day… something that may seem impossible in Europe, but we are in America.

Katherine left her car badly battered in the accident with Wilson and will use a new chassis. In her case, it was about checking that everything works.

Today, on the track, the 33 drivers take part in what was traditionally called ‘carburation day’, it was the last set-up of the engines, which today is somewhat meaningless with electronic injections. It’s two hours for the last adjustments, which everyone will try to make the most of.

Two hours of on-track testing to finalize details, before the mechanics carry out their traditional competition, the ‘pit stop race’, to see which team is capable of doing it the fastest.

A quiet Friday and a Saturday dedicated to the public with a great parade of floats in the center of the city. All waiting for the event on Sunday in which one of the 33 will be chosen for glory… although nine of them have already enjoyed the privilege and glory of drinking the milk reserved for the winners, some more than once.

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