It starts bad, but it can end well

It starts bad, but it can end well
It starts bad, but it can end well

It starts badly, because a statistic from the CNN news network says that the chances – at this moment – of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to win the Republican nomination for the presidential election is minimal, since the numbers indicate that former President Donald Trump It doubles it in the preference for followers of that party and because its campaign launch -of which there was a lot of expectation- was a disappointment.

The polls among Republicans do not favor the new presidential candidate, since while Trump has a predilection of 53%, DeSantis barely has 26%. In addition, in a comparative way, the statistics of the last three months -from March to May- say that Trump was raising the percentage of him as an option as a candidate; In March 40% saw him as a possibility, today it is 53%, while DeSantis’s 36% has plummeted to 26%. And as regards the launch of his campaign, which had been planned to be done through Twitter in a dialogue with Elon Musk, owner of that social network, it collapsed -due to the enormous number of people who connected- delaying 25 minutes to start, and when it was activated, it had to be brief, given the technical problems they faced. This provoked the immediate reaction of Donald Trump -through his own Truth Social network-, who said “The DeSanctus Launch on Twitter is a disaster!”.

However, despite this perception of Trump’s advantage over the Florida governor -although there are other Republican candidates with fewer chances-, in the coming months that difference could gradually weaken as the former president’s legal problems develop. its course in the courts. And it is that Trump received news last Tuesday that could be a stumbling block in his aspirations. The trial to determine his responsibility or innocence on the 34 felony counts he was charged with last month was scheduled by the judge presiding over his case in Manhattan for March 25, 2024, which is exactly three weeks after the Super Tuesday, one of the most important dates on the Republican primary election calendar. And of course, these will be days when the former president should be more focused and concerned about the criminal charges against him than about his political aspirations, taking into account that it is very likely that he will be “scratched” and that his political future could be in the air.

However, DeSantis must make an analysis of conscience and not trust that the legal problems of his main rival for the nomination will get him through. In recent months, the governor of Florida has taken on many electoral sectors, especially Hispanics for his extremist agenda against immigrants, the deregulation of protocols for carrying weapons, the measure that establishes a ban on abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy, the animosity that has been earned among the LGBTQ community with the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, which prohibits talking about sexuality in schools, and the lawsuit with Walt Disney, the most iconic company of Florida -and one of the important ones in the United States-, to whom DeSantis wants to change the special status he has, while Micky Mouse’s company accuses him of “political revenge”.

DeSantis should reconsider his proposals and ‘his lawsuits’ to end his adventure in search of the White House well, in addition to also taking advantage of the forecasts of approaching storm clouds in Trump’s ‘sky’, which until today, is the opponent to beat What do you think?

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