The Israel Premier Tech finds the fan who was running behind Derek Gee in the Giro d’Italia

A fan waving a Canadian flag runs behind Israel Premier Tech’s Canadian cyclist Darek Gee during the 10th stage of the 2023 Giro d’Italia.

During the tenth stage of the Giro d’Italia 2023 between Scandiano and Viareggio, an event occurred with a amateurwhich did not go unnoticed by the television cameras and neither by the team Israel Premier Tech and his runner Darek Gee.

The stage was marked by a breakaway practically from the start, which included Magnus Cort Nielsen, Davide Bais, Alessandro de Marchi and Derek Gee, the latter an IPT cyclist.

During the ascent to Passo delle Radici, the four adventurers faced the last ramps of the great pass of the day in the rain.

Darek Gee, a cyclist from Israel Premier Tech, was closing the group on his road bike, when a unique moment occurred.

A Canadian fan began to run after Darek Gee in full climb

On a dog day like that 10th stage of the Giro d’Italia, any encouragement is little.

But about this Canadian fan cheering on his compatriot Darek GeeIt was undoubtedly a unique moment.

He began to run behind him without hindering him with a Canadian flag, while yelling at him:

«You are made for this!

Come on mate, you’re an animal Darek, you’re a fucking monster!

Come on, come on, this is like riding Vancouver Island, this is nothing!

You got it, come on. Only one kilometer to go and everything down!

And then you’re going to win the final fucking sprint.”

The Israel Premier Tech published the video to try to locate the tuner who encouraged Darek Gee

Days after that event, and after the Israel Premier Tech team shared the video trying to locate the fan, he appeared on the team bus.

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Darek Gee and the IPM, wanted to congratulate this follower for the words of encouragement to his runner, despite the fact that he finally came second in the final sprint behind Magnus Cort.

the amateur in question, named Sean, He also appeared with a gift for the Canadian cyclist.

The IPM cyclist gave him the number he wore during the 10th stage in which the two met on the road.

Sean handed him a bird book, as Darek Gee is also a fan, albeit an ornithologist.

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A nice story with a happy ending in this 2023 Giro d’Italia between an amateur and professional cyclist Darek Gee.

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