Donald Trump could receive another indictment this year, according to his lawyers

Donald Trump could receive another indictment this year, according to his lawyers
Donald Trump could receive another indictment this year, according to his lawyers

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The lawyers and principal advisers of donald trump He was recently told something he probably didn’t want to hear: that he should wait to be indicted again this year.

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What happened to Donald Trump?

As Rolling Stone reports, Trump has received a dire warning from his lawyers and advisers that he should expect to be impeached again this year.

Several legal and political advisers have briefed Trump on their expectations of an impending impeachment, according to sources familiar with the matter cited by the publication. The federal investigation is looking into whether Trump obstructed justice before the FBI raided his Florida estate last year.

These revelations come after Trump was indicted by Manhattan prosecutors last April for falsifying business records, and the early ruling by Fulton County officials on voter fraud charges.

Trump’s lawyers and close associates have informed him that he is likely to face charges, especially for alleged obstruction of justice. They have encouraged him to prepare for another major legal battle. However, Trump has responded with outrage, questioning the targeting by asking, “And what about ?” according to the other person familiar with the matter, according to the report.

Because it is important

It is not yet clear if the Justice Department will ultimately bring charges against Trump. However, there are signs that the investigation is nearing completion.

Tom Fitton, Chairman of the Conservative Group Judicial Watch and a close Trump ally, speculates that “Democrats are so nervous about Trump’s candidacy that they’re capable of anything,” including filing charges.

Even Trump’s former attorney general, Bill Barrrecognizes that the case of the documents is the most significant concern for the former president.

Two Trump employees reportedly moved boxes of paper the day before FBI agents and a prosecutor were scheduled to visit his Florida home in June 2022. Investigators find this timing suspicious and see it as a possible sign of obstruction.

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