Tinder Platinum Gold, all the differences between these two subscriptions

In dating applications, not everyone starts from the same starting point, and this is not exclusively due to personality or physical appearance. Tinder has several categories with which it offers a ‘premium’ service to those willing to pay more for extra features, but what are they? In this article we will delve into the dilemma Tinder Platinum Gold, all the differences between these two subscriptions and what each one contributes to the users of the application.

The subscription services Tinder Gold and Tinder Premium They have quite a few similarities between them, such as the fact of eliminating the daily limit of likes and the possibility of seeing who has liked our profile without the need for a ‘match’ between the two. Nevertheless, those who have Tinder Platinum may also have an extra service: priority likes. This means that the users you have liked will find your profile sooner than if you use Tinder Gold (or none of the premium services).

Other difference between Tinder Platinum and Tinder Gold It’s in the super likes. With Tinder Platinum you can accompany these special likes with a note, so you can present yourself to the user in a more personalized way and thus seek to attract their attention more effectively. On the other hand, those who have Tinder Gold will have to trust everything to have a striking profile description or bio for the other person to return the match or show interest in talking.

these are the two main differences in the comparison Tinder Gold-Tinder Premium, since the rest of the extra functions that can be achieved are kept in common. Both Tinder subscriptions allow you to go back when you regret having rejected a profile, activate Tinder Passport to chat with people from all over the world, or customize your profile in much more detail so that it appears to certain users. With both Tinder Premium and Gold you can also get rid of ads.

What is the price of Tinder Platinum vs Gold?

Now is the time to ask yourself the key question: What is the price of Tinder Platinum vs Gold? After analyzing what both Tinder premium services provide, the price will be another differential factor for many users and decide whether to hire it or not. The prices in Tinder depend on the duration of the subscriptions, depending on whether the service is contracted for a month, six months or half a year. In the following table you will see all the prices.

plans Tinder Gold Tinder Premium
1 month 26 euros 31 euros
6 months 12.50 euros per month 15 euros
12 months 8.75 euros per month €10.40

The price differences between Tinder Platinum and Tinder Gold decrease the longer the service is used. In this way, Tinder Premium will be five euros more expensive if you only contract one month, but that difference is reduced to half (2.5) if you opt for the six-month plan, and drops to less than two euros if you use for a whole year.

How to get free Tinder Platinum or Gold

The prices for getting more options to meet people in an application are not always a priority expense for many users, so it is common to find people who want to discover how to get free tinder platinum or gold. On the Internet you can find some Tinder Platinum APK (modifications of the original app) unofficial (modifications of the original app). These APKs that promise to activate Gold or Platinum subscriptions, although these alternatives are generally unreliable, either because they don’t work or because they can pose security risks to the device if they are installed.

However, there is a way to make these Platinum and Gold plans cheaper, and that is that on pages like Eneba you can find discount codes on Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum. It is up to you to assess whether it is really necessary to pay for any of these plans to get more likes and a more customizable experience.

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