These were some memes that left the days without gas in Cali

These were some memes that left the days without gas in Cali
These were some memes that left the days without gas in Cali

May 26, 2023 at 1:03 p.m.

The concern of the people of Cali began to increase when last Monday, May 22, they began to suspend gas service in the city. Almost everyone could be seen on the streets buying energy stoves or electrical appliances to be able to prepare their food on the days that the service was not going to be available.

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First of all, from the company gases from the west They had announced that the suspension of the service would last until June 2, and that it would begin to arrive in sectors to the city, but it was the opposite, because two days later, the Minister of Mines, Irene Vélez, announced the return of fuel to the Colombian southwest.

In the midst of all the ‘run run’ and like good Colombians, the laughter was not lackingbecause Internet users saw the funny side of the situation they went through.

What was most observed in social networks was the use of other elements, electrical or similar to prepare food.

Why did they turn off the gas?

After several municipalities in the department of Valle del Cauca and Quindío will decree a red alert for the shortage of gasthe National Government ordered a Unified Command Post to be established in the area where the damage was seen.

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The service interruption occurred due to the heating of a pipe in the Mariquita-Cali gas pipelineas far as a government delegation went together with the Minister of Mines, Irene Vélez, to verify that it was not affected by the Cerros Bravos volcano.

Once verification is done, the International Gas Transporter gave the go-ahead so that service could be resumed in the departments that had been suspended.

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So, what at first was going to take more than a week, which caused thousands of people to buy extra stoves to resell them, It ended up being a two-day contingency, so far.

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