What to do in the event of a gas leak Grupo Milenio

What to do in the event of a gas leak Grupo Milenio
What to do in the event of a gas leak Grupo Milenio

The state coordinator for the Prevention of Accident Injuries of the Mexican Red Cross in the State of Mexico, Oscar Oliden Velázquez reported that based on a study carried out by the Ministry of the Environment in 2018, it was determined that up to 40 percent of homes in Mexico have gas leakswhich generates that throughout the country 33 incidents related to the use of this fuel.

“Generally these leaks are because there are bad conditions in the connections that are and also that The maintenance that is given is not so frequentboth to the connections and to the tanks or cylinders that are kept in the homes or stationary tanks”.

Based on these statistics, it is inferred that in the State of Mexico an incident of this type can occur on a daily basis, for which reason it is recommended to keep pending tanks and gas cylinders.

He pointed out that it should be borne in mind that These types of containers have a useful lifebecause over time they are also damaged, especially if they are taken into inadequate conditions or that are exposed to the sun, rain and others.

“They must be subjected to studies of hydrostatic tests to determine that they do not have this type of leak”.

recommended carry out periodic reviews of both the connections and the cylinders and tanks themselvessince in the presence of micro-earthquakes or earthquakes they can result in affectations, without giving them adequate importance.

Water heaters

He added that one of the main causes of gas leaksinside the homes, are the water heaters, since in many occasions they are They leave the pilot on and if that small flame goes out, a leak can be generated.

“Even for economy It may be convenient for you because you save about 66 liters per yearon a break, so to speak, when you are allowing the pilot to stay on. It is recommended that when you finish using it, turn it off”.

In case of leakage recommended speak to the emergency servicesto attend to them, since before the accumulation of gas, enough with the spark that it generateseven turning on a spotlight.

“If we detect the smell of gas, first of all call the emergency services, it is important to check the connectionssee how the pilot of the water heaters is”.

home accidents

remembered that 9 out of 10 accidents are preventable and? Home is the second place where most people die as a result of an incidentfor that “false sense of security”.


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