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Gas restoration in Colombia: recommendations to avoid leaks

Gas restoration in Colombia: recommendations to avoid leaks
Gas restoration in Colombia: recommendations to avoid leaks

The Transportadora de Gas Internacional (TGI) restored the flow of natural gas to homes and commercial sites in the southwestern part of the country.

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From this May 25, the International Gas Transporter (TGI) restored the flow of natural gas to homes and commercial sites. The first cities that experienced the restoration were Manizales, Cali, Cartago, Palmira and Armenia, which had been affected by the preventive cutoff of the Mariquita-Cali gas pipeline service, after high temperatures were reported.

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According to the TGIAs a priority, gas has been restored in homes and businesses, and from nine o’clock yesterday night, and for the next 48 hours, the turn will be for the industrial sector. According to the report of the entities in charge, In Cali, the service already exists and it is being done gradually for the inhabitants of the municipalities of the rest of the department and northern Cauca.

For his part, effigas reported that the Eje Cafetero has 77% of the gas distribution networks and they estimate that the percentage will be total at the end of the current day. Thus, the entities have made a call not to open the valves (those of the meter, internal network of the home and that of gas appliances) until the companies that transport and distribute the fuel indicate that it is safe.

“Keep in mind to close the valves of the measurement center located outside your home. As well as verify that the valves of the internal network, of gas appliances such as stoves, heaters and others, are closed”, recommended Gases de Occidente.

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Thus, you can prevent leaks or emergencies from occurring inside your home or establishment, when the service is restored. In Cali have already been reported about 15 accidents inside homes in the last hours, in which the fire department has intervened. For any emergency, you can contact the abbreviated line 164 either the national free line 01 8000 910 164.

How to avoid gas leak?

You must take into account the following recommendations issued by the company Gases de Occidentes, to avoid accidents when the natural gas service is restored:

  • It must have good ventilation, therefore, it is recommended to open doors and windows, especially in spaces where gas appliances are located.
  • Check that the internal network and the valves of your gas appliances are closed.
  • Open the valves of the measurement center and the internal network.
  • Open the knob of a gas appliance and let gas out for a few seconds and close it (this operation is done to purge the pipe).
  • Hold a match close to your stove nozzle and wait for it to light with a steady blue flame. If this does not happen, repeat the procedure.

Likewise, the company published an explanatory video so that citizens can take preventive measures.

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Recommendations in case of absence of Natural Gas

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