Duolingo opens Mexican restaurant in the US

Duolingo opens Mexican restaurant in the US
Duolingo opens Mexican restaurant in the US
  • In studies like How CTV Advertising Powers The Performance TV Revolution” The types of ads considered to be the most influential were rated.

  • Shein It is an important protagonist of activations where we discover its products.

  • Duolingo It has become an important business model due to the activations it has.

Duolingo announced that it will open a taqueria in the United States and the concept of the brand is an interesting activation where with a Mexican restaurant reminds us of the value of creativity.

At this stage it is important to see studies as “How CTV Advertising Powers The Performance TV Revolution”, where the types of ads considered the most influential were rated.

“According to a consumer survey conducted in the United States in September 2021, 41 percent of respondents said they found advertising on social media to be the most influential, followed by 39 percent of respondents who cited ads. of television and transmission”, explains Michelle Majidianalyst of Statistaby exclusively presenting the previous study to subscribers of the platform.

Duolingo enters the restaurant industry

Duolingo opened a restaurant in the United States and the concept of Mexican food allows us to see with a creative scene the demand for skills Given the competitiveness that companies demand from their talent, learning English becomes a key benchmark.

“We want to create more opportunities for people to practice new languages ​​and Spanish is the most popular language to learn among Anglo-Saxon users.

Duolingo is a company based in Pittsburgh, so we wanted to contribute to the city with amazing food and unique experiences, to show people that learning a new language can be something delicious and satisfying, like a delicious meal”, explains the brand when opening this place.

The idea of ​​the restaurant stems from a concept of tacos in collaboration with the chef Marcella Ogrodnikwho was in charge of preparing the menu based on an inspiration from the food that can be found in Mexico City, through a point-of-sale concept, with immersive experiences for learning Spanish.

About duo’s Taquería, is a business model that opened in 2022 as a take-away food stand, so its expansion is remarkable, explains the brand, because “the menu focuses on tacos inspired by Mexico City, and incorporates a wide range of Mexican cuisines, along with a drinks menu that pays tribute to the classic and modern mixology cultures of Mexico City.

The Duolingo gamified learning experience has been integrated into several important points of the restaurant.”

We saw the reason for opening a commercial premises as part of an activation with Shein when the brand brought its famous pop-up store concepts to Mexico, which consist of displaying the (selected) garments that it sells only digitally, now in temporary shop windows, which are the ones used, it shows the garments that this brand has .

In this singular activation, the brand toured various entities of the republic to show the garments that have given meaning to the DTCs as the main sales channel in apparelat least for this and other brands such as Nike, which has achieved a very interesting sales effervescence in this medium, since it has gone from two thousand 180 million dollars in 2009 to 18 thousand 730 million dollars in 2022.

“The direct-to-consumer brand of Nike, Nike Direct, generated approximately $18.7 billion in revenue for the year ended May 31, 2022. Revenue earned from Nike Direct They have more than doubled since the 2017 fiscal year,” he explained on that occasion. Mr Tiegheanalyst of Statista by presenting the previous study exclusively to subscribers of the platform.

In addition to this, the concept of Shein In Mexico, with its pop-up stores, it scaled significantly because it demonstrated that it managed to consolidate a shopping experience to find the latest fashion trends.

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