IMPACT Under Siege 2023: coverage and results

IMPACT Under Siege 2023: coverage and results
IMPACT Under Siege 2023: coverage and results

By Federico Guerendiain On 05/26/2023

IMPACT Wrestling celebrate a new edition of the event tonight under siege from the Western Fair District Agriplex arena in the City of London, Ontario in Canada; which is broadcast live by the platform IMPACTPlus and for subscribers of IMPACT Ultimate Insiders on Youtube.


Knockouts World Tag Team Championships

The Coven (Taylor Wilde and KiLynn King) (c) . Death Dollz (Jessicka and Courtney Rush)
Wilde takes the fight well, to his advantage, against Rush. He switches with King and he takes down a Chop Rush. But Jessicka manages to take over from her colleague and together they attack King and crush her against a corner. Wilde adds up and helps her partner with a distraction. Wilde and King soften Rush on the canvas but little by little he recovers and manages to dodge the attacks so that Jessicka can enter. The champions are looking for the combined dog finisher Jessicka stops her at the right time and Rush takes the win with a Boston Crab over Wilde.

Winners and NEW champions: Death Dollz.

Digital Media Championship

Dirty Dango vs. Joe Henry (c)
Dango escapes to ringside at the beginning and watches the champion from outside, thinking about where to attack. He goes up to the ring but runs into a good blow and Hendry begins to slam him against the canvas, very powerful. The challenger distracts Hendry and takes control of the situation with bumps. Hendry’s Nadda Cutter and a Fallaway Slam. The champion looks for the Standing Ovation but since Dango didn’t get up he tries to replace it and run to the referee. Dango hits him with a Low Blow and loses by disqualification.

Winner and STILL champion: Joe Hendry.

Dango begins to beat Hendry by keeping him immobile due to the blow to his testicles but Santino Marella appears at the venue to save him and make Dango flee down the ramp.


Nick Aldis vs. Kenny King

(Coverage in development…)

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