Mining exposed their demands

Mining exposed their demands
Mining exposed their demands

“We want equal access to imports of goods and services necessary for production and for the construction of projects,” he said. Franco Mignaccopresident of the Argentine Chamber of Mining Entrepreneurs (CAEM).

The request was made at the dinner held by the organizing committee where the +e journalistic team was not invited, despite the fact that it was one of the few media outlets that offered complete coverage of the event.

“We continue without solutions with the impact of the exchange rate mismatch, as has been provided to other export sectors. We have difficulties with the increase in costs in dollars that are having an impact especially on the most mature projects, which are the ones with the lowest profit margin, which can shorten their useful life.Mignacco said.

The words of the president of the CAEM made a deep impression on the secretaries of Energy, Flavia Royonand Mining, Fernanda Avila. The civil servants had for three days to balance before so many darts directed at the management of Alberto Fernández.

One of the actors who raised his voice in favor of mining was Alberto Carlocchia. The manager of Institutional Relations and Sustainability of Patagonia Gold considered that the opportunity that the country has has a correlate: “The government of the Nation does not pay attention to us”. This request is based on the need to establish the basic conditions for companies to generate work and foreign exchange.

“Despite the efforts of the industry, the provinces and the unions, we were not able to get up there (for the Casa Rosada) to give the sector the opportunity it deserves,” he said, noting that the situation was the same with the management of Alberto Fernández and with Mauricio Macri. “We did not achieve it with this one or with the previous one. We are going to try it with the next government”, he asserted in the block “Development of mining in Latin America: challenges and potential from the business sector” of the panel “Keys to understand current mining in Argentina and Latin America”.

Arminera provincial officials NOA.jpg

In the same vein, the governors of the Argentine Northwest (NOA) planted a precedent for unity, despite their different ideological origins. The governors of Salta, Jujuy and Catamarca rejected the idea of ​​creating an OPEC for lithium as proposed by a sector of Kirchnerism.

We are against what OPEC stands for. Today we have lithium, also copper. If we work responsibly, we will contribute a lot to lower inflation and provide jobs,” said Raúl Jalil (Catamarca), the only one of the three leaders who belongs to the Frente de Todos.

“We better focus on ourselves. Chile is going backwards and at a good time this is how more investments come to Argentina. Bolivians too”, added Gerardo Morales (Jujuy).

Meanwhile, businessmen were more cautious when expressing themselves about the situation in the industry. They highlighted the gold and silver potential that the country has and pondered that lithium and copper are the minerals that will guide the energy transition in the world. “We must be prepared for the challenge that lies ahead,” the top executives of the companies stated time and time again.

The closing was in charge of Sergio Massa. The Minister of Economy of the Nation took his time to get to Arminera: he first went through the second edition of Salón Moto, then he made a fleeting visit to the stands, which no longer had a large number of people.

In La Rural it was rumored that the head of the Palacio de Hacienda would make a great announcement for the sector, but everything was left to the Secretary of Production, Jose Ignacio de Mendiguren, and the Secretary of Mining, Fernanda Ávila. Officials announced the launch of a line of credit at a subsidized rate.

Massa’s last-minute visit was in tune with how mining feels about the authorities: “They always leave us for the last”.

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