Why is Taiwan key to the defense of the US and the West?

The highest authorities of USA and the democratic nations of the Western Hemisphere must be aware that all of China’s objectives, programs and agendas are focused on its global hegemony. It is the goal that Marxism-Leninism assigns to communist leaders who come to power, in nations with the capacity to achieve that supreme objective.

Xi Jinping has proven to be a sharp and shrewd Marxist-Leninist, who rose to the highest political position in China by purging adversaries and surrounding himself with unconditional officials, who carry out his orders without question.

Xi’s agenda is exposed in various approved programs such as “863”, focused on the theft of technological information from other countries; “Torch”, “Made in China 2025” and “Plan 2049”, which aspires for China to be the leading economic power on that date. Plus other discreet military and nuclear projects, which confirm that their energies and intentions are hegemonic.

The Chinese regime knows that it has very powerful obstacles in its path. The military and economic power of the United States is the greatest of all. For this reason, Xi Jinping has set the first objective of seizing Taiwan. Two factors support this goal: Taiwan has the most advanced microprocessor technology and is the 14th largest economy in the world, with a huge foreign exchange reserve.

This technology sustains US military superiority. The very small Taiwanese microprocessors (5 nanometers) constitute the operational “heart” of the computers used in missiles, airplanes, satellites, radars, drones and in all modern weapons. Chinese technology only reaches 15 nanometers.

Taking over Taiwanese industry would open the way for Xi to military parity with the US. It would also provide him with enormous reserves of money to pay for his growing military expenses.

Taiwan is the “crown jewel” most appreciated by Beijing in its hegemonic aspirations. If it falls, all Southeast Asian nations would become easy prey for China, which would quickly install obedient regimes. At that time, it would already be a powerful empire.

The Sino-Russian alliance cannot be left out. And although the weakened military aggression against Ukraine has demonstrated the weakness of Russian conventional weapons, it cannot be ignored that Moscow has a huge nuclear arsenal and could act in coordination with China. And, somewhat less current, but also real, is the possibility that the Iranians will have short term a nuclear weapon that would join the duo.

Without a doubt, Taiwan constitutes a country key to the security of the United States and the democratic nations of the Western Hemisphere.

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