SUN DESCENDS ALONE is Trebol Dot’s new project

DAWN OF TEARS musician explores new musical frontiers

Clover Dot (José Luis Trebol) member of the Melodic Death Metal band DAWN OF TEARSpresents his new project, SUN DESCENDS ALONEoriented towards Gothic atmospheres.

“Under the artistic vision of Trebol Dot, SUN DESCENDS ALONE delves into the intricate fabric of gothic rock, weaving ethereal melodies, haunting vocals and captivating instrumentation. Inspired by the enigmatic beauty of darkness and the interplay of light, the band creates a sound that captures the essence of melancholic beauty.”

The musical evolution of Trebol Dot

With SUN DESCENDS ALONE, Trebol Dot “shows his versatility as a musician and his dedication to exploring diverse musical expressions”, while “seeking a deep connection with the emotions“.

“The band’s soundscapes take audiences on a journey through shadowy depths and majestic heights, evoking a sense of introspection and catharsis. Trebol Dot’s evocative vocals and the band’s meticulous attention to atmosphere create an immersive experience that invites listeners to lose themselves in the music’s enigmatic embrace.”

“Love You To The Grave”, SUN DESCENDS ALONE preview song

This is how it sounds “Love You To The Grave”the first song of SUN DESCENDS ALONE:

The music has been recorded, mixed and mastered by:

  • Vladimir Kireev at Emberton Records (Samara, Russia)
  • Israel Pérez at Dragon Track Studios (Madrid)
  • Juan Nieva at Nieva Studios (Madrid)
  • With JL Trébol as producer

The song was released digitally through Vault Lab Recordings’ L’Arte Produce Record Label and distributed by Sepulchral Silence.

JL Trébol has been in charge of the lead vocals and backing vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, piano, rhythms and programming and has featured the following guest musicians in “Love You To The Grave”:

  • Viktoria Kalinina: keyboards and vocals
  • Mar Cabello: voices
  • Olga B. García (Aura Noctis): piano
  • Juan Nieva: electric and acoustic guitar
  • Mar Morris: violin
  • Cristina García: voices
  • Juan Pablo Pérez Segarra: bass
  • Natxo E. Rodriguez: bass
  • Carlos Rodríguez (Elderane): piano

The cover art is the work of graphic passengerbased on a photo of Maram Ava.

You can discover more about SUN DESCENDS ALONE’s music on their Facebook.

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