EXODUS’ Gary Holt explains why learning riffs wrong can be beneficial

“We learned everything we wanted from our heroes by listening to records,” considers the guitarist

Gary Holtguitarist of the thrash metal band EXODUSparticipated in a question and answer session with his fans at Diablo Guitars in Seattle (USA), where he talked about his guitar heroes and his way of playing the instrument.

Regarding this aspect, he explained why learning riffs by ear incorrectly It’s not necessarily bad, after all.

Learning through the music of Ritchie Blackmore

As Ultimate Guitar reports, Holt revealed that he learned to play the guitar by listening to Blackmore’s music and trying to decipher the notes by ear. He often made mistakes in his notes, as anyone would when learning, but it actually helped him. develop your own style.

“When I was a child, we learned everything we wanted from our heroes listening to records“Holt said. “We couldn’t slow them down and keep them in tune. We didn’t have Internet with sheet music. So, we learned them from records, and we generally learned them wrong… I discovered a lot by learning things the wrong way.”

“But, learning those guitar solos incorrectly made them yours. I saw Richie many times, and I saw him once in a club, the last time he toured with RAINBOW, and he was in the third row, in the center of an 800-seat venue. And I realized that every riff I thought I knew was wrong.”

The influences for Gary Holt

Holt also talked about his early influences, which include BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN, among other groups.

In the same question and answer session, he was asked about Randy Rhoadsto which he responded: “Randy is a legend, of course. Everyone has their favorites, and Randy is one of my favorite guitarists, but he’s not the person I listen to and copy. I think ‘Mr. Crowley’ is one of the greatest guitar solos ever written.”

The latest from EXODUS

The last EXODUS album was “Persona non grata”. The band, which we were able to see with TESTAMENT and DEATH ANGEL in defined the album’s sound as “WHITESNAKE meth stands.”

The guitarist and composer Gary Holt He returned to focusing on EXODUS once SLAYER’s farewell tour concluded.

EXODUS celebrated 40 years of career with the direct “No Love (Live At Day In The Dirt 1984)”.

We remind you of the special that we dedicate to the best EXODUS albums.

More information about the Thrash Metal band on their Facebook page.

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