Park Gyu Young and Lee Hyun Woo are connected by an ancient curse in “A Good Day To Be A Dog”

Upcoming MBC drama “A Good Day to Be a Dog” shared a glimpse of the chemistry between Park Gyu Young and Lee Hyun Woo!

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “A Good Day to Be a Dog” is a fantasy romantic drama about a woman who is cursed to transform into a dog when she kisses a man. However, the only person who can undo her curse is a man who is afraid of dogs due to a traumatic event that she no longer remembers.

ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo will star in the drama as Jin Seo Won, a high school math teacher who is terrified of dogs due to a past incident, while Park Gyu Young will play Han Hae Na, a Korean language teacher who suffers from an unfortunate curse related to kisses.

Lee Hyun Woo will appear in the drama as Lee Bo Kyum, a Korean history teacher who is a colleague of Jin Seo Won (Cha Eun Woo) and Han Hae Na (Park Gyu Young). Although he is the life of the party and always takes care of others, Lee Bo Kyum hides a big secret and, unbeknownst to Han Hae Na, her fate is linked to his through the family curse. her.

In newly released stills from the upcoming drama, Lee Bo Kyum holds an adorable puppy keychain in front of Han Hae Na’s face, as if comparing them because she thinks they look similar. Han Hae Na smiles brightly at him in response, making it clear that she has a favorable impression of him.

However, once they are at school, Han Hae Na has a serious expression as she stares at something.

Meanwhile, Lee Bo Kyum returns a sweet smile, making him curious about what kind of dynamic the two teachers will have at work.

“A Good Day to Be a Dog” will premiere on October 11 at 9PM KST. Watch a teaser for the drama here!

Meanwhile, watch Park Gyu Young in “Dali and Cocky Prince” on Viki below:


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