Surtigas identified new fraud in a renowned Turbaco restaurant

Surtigas identified new fraud in a renowned Turbaco restaurant
Surtigas identified new fraud in a renowned Turbaco restaurant


He specialized Surtigas team, responsible for detecting fraud in the natural gas network, identified a new case of fluid fraud in Turbaco, Bolívar, exactly in the El Valle Cra Urbanization. 15 cl. 50 – 25. In this direction the restaurant Turbaco Chicharrones.

It is part of the policy of SURTIGAS SAESP, use all necessary legal means against those who benefit, directly or indirectly, or make fraudulent connections to natural gas networks, since this type of illegal procedure puts the integrity and lives of citizens at risk. The criminal legislation of Colombiawhich provides for the crime of fraud of fluids to protect both the assets of the entities, as well as to promote the public safety, life and personal integrityevery time natural gas networks are irresponsibly manipulated.

It is common knowledge that in the city ​​of Cartagena there are people and businesses whose purpose is to offer the illegal service of alteration or manipulation of gas networks and equipment, with the aim of making the user pay less than what corresponds to their real consumptionfor which they use real companies to commit crimes, the dismantling of which is part of our institutional challenge and which has the missionary support of the Attorney General’s Office and the authorities vested with Judicial Police powers.

The fraud detected in the network that supplies natural gas consisted of the detection of a bypass connected directly to the Surtigas natural gas network which does not record gas consumption, of which there are photographic records. saying crime It was detected by our organization’s loss and fraud group, after carrying out verification actions.

Surtigas called on the community to avoid manipulating the natural gas measurement centers and to report the cases of irregular connections that they identify, making the following channels available to their clients:

• Help lines 164 and 018000-910164


• Surtigas service offices

Surtigas reiterated that only the company’s qualified personnel will be able to intervene in the networks and measurement centers to avoid putting the community at risk, because irregular connections and improper manipulation of the measurement centers can generate leaks and possible explosions in the intervention site or close to it.

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