Donald Trump continues to push to remove federal judge

Donald Trump continues to push to remove federal judge
Donald Trump continues to push to remove federal judge

Donald Trump and federal judge Tanya Chutkan. Photo: CNN.

Trump continues to push for federal judge Tanya Chutkan to withdraw from the January 6 case in Washington DC. His legal team argued that the judge’s handling of the case could be perceived as politically biased.

This time the lawyers used Chutkan’s words against Trump, highlighting his phrase “presidents are not kings,” which he had previously used to deny an attempt by the former president to prevent House investigators from obtaining presidential records.

“The public should have confidence that President Trump’s constitutional rights are being protected by an impartial judicial officer.”

“No president is a king, but every president is an American citizen entitled to the protections and rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution,” the lawyers’ statement said.

Justice Department officials have argued that there is no evidence that the judge mishandled other Jan. 6 cases due to political bias.

Special prosecutor Jack Smith asked the judge to issue a restraining order against Trump due to his frequent social media attacks on individuals related to the trial.

Smith filed his request in federal court in Washington, expressing concern about repeated attacks directed at members of the Justice Department, residents of the US capital and Judge Chutkan herself.

The prosecutor noted that since he was charged, Trump has been posting derogatory and inflammatory comments almost daily on his Truth Social platform.

Additionally, he highlighted that Trump’s comments have resulted in real threats from his supporters to prosecutors, the court and future jurors.

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