Diario Extra – Battle of the bands will fill Paseo Colón with Rock

Diario Extra – Battle of the bands will fill Paseo Colón with Rock
Diario Extra – Battle of the bands will fill Paseo Colón with Rock

Duel between Heresy and Pnema

Paseo Colón will be filled with Rock, as there will be a battle of the bands, which will compete to win a spot in the “Hell and Heaven Open Air”, which will take place in Mexico.

The event will take place on Tuesday the 19th at the London Room and will be hosted by LPG Producciones.


Greece’s Lucifer’s Child has taken the scene by storm with their melodic and atmospheric black metal sound. Formed in 2013, her music transcends genre boundaries, creating dark, immersive soundscapes. With albums like “The Order” (2018), they have demonstrated their mastery in creating mystical atmospheres and deeply evocative lyrics.

Swedish death metal band Demonical have built an imposing reputation since their formation in 2006. Their music, influenced by the classic Scandinavian death metal sound, is characterized by its ferocity and unwavering darkness. Albums like “Death Infernal” (2011) and “Chaos Manifesto” (2018) have solidified her status on the international scene.

Iconic Brazilian death metal band NervoChaos has been crushing stages since their formation in 1996. With their powerful and brutal sound, they have left an indelible mark on the extreme metal scene. Their album “To the Death” (2012) is a testament to their ferocity, and they have taken their music around the world, gaining a loyal fan base in the process.


In addition to the bands mentioned, there is great expectation for the participation of national bands offering to deafen the event with good metal.

Some that will participate in the event are Nostoc, Aeons Of Silence, Henko, The Mob, Outside the Circle and Picha.

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