Ship that NASA left on the Moon is causing earthquakes on it

Ship that NASA left on the Moon is causing earthquakes on it
Ship that NASA left on the Moon is causing earthquakes on it

The ultimate goal of the program Apollo of the POT was to take humans to the Moon, as demonstrated by the Apollo 11 mission that departed on July 20, 1969.

Despite the scientific milestone that this scientific advance represented, scientists were surprised to discover something unusual on the natural satellite. This was caused by human hands.

Scientists have found strange noises on the lunar surface and are sure they are caused by the remains of an American module, known as Apollo 17, which is in ruins.

Using modern algorithms to analyze data from the Apollo era, a new study revealed seismic activity on the Moon. Man-made structures were found to expand and contract due to the massive temperature changes that occur on the Moon.

A study published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets revealed that the natural Moon expands and contracts due to an extreme environment that predominates on the Moon, with temperatures ranging from -133 degrees Celsius in the dark to 121 degrees Celsius in the dark. sunlight.

Specialists also heard gentle tremors from an Apollo 17 lunar lander. However, these “moonquakes” do not pose any danger and would probably be imperceptible to humans on the surface of the moon.

Each Apollo mission brought instruments to detect earthquakes to the Moon, but the Apollo 17 mission, which began in 1972, left behind several seismometers capable of detecting lunar thermal earthquakes, or tremors caused by the extreme heating and cooling of the lunar surface.

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