They denounce a renowned Turbaco restaurant for alleged gas fraud | THE UNIVERSAL

The specialized Surtigas team, dedicated to detecting fraud in the natural gas network, revealed a new and surprising case in the El Valle Urbanization in the municipality of Turbaco. The epicenter of this discovery is, apparently, the popular restaurant “Los Chicharrones de Turbaco.”

“The fraud detected in the network that supplies natural gas consisted of the detection of a bypass connected directly to the Surtigas natural gas network that does not record gas consumption, of which there are photographic records. This crime was detected by the loss and fraud group of our organization, after carrying out verification actions,” the company disclosed through a press release. Read: This is how the alleged theft of gas was discovered in a bakery in Ternera

The fraud detected in the natural gas supply network consisted of a clandestine derivation that was connected directly to the Surtigas network, without leaving any trace of legitimate consumption.

“Surtigas, as a fundamental part of its corporate policy, is committed to using all available legal resources against those who benefit, directly or indirectly, from these fraudulent connections to natural gas networks. “This type of illicit activities not only affects the assets of the supplier companies, but also endangers public safety, the life and personal integrity of citizens,” the company added.

Colombian criminal legislation seriously contemplates the crime of fluid fraud, focusing on the protection of the entities’ assets and, even more crucially, on guaranteeing the safety and well-being of the population when natural gas networks are irresponsibly manipulated. Read: Galvanizing company in Mamonal was surprised with energy fraud

Surtigas made a strong call to the community to refrain from intervening or manipulating the natural gas measurement centers and to immediately report any case of irregular connections that they identify. Read: Do you have a “trap” in the electricity meter? This could happen if they find out

“Everyone’s collaboration is essential to maintain the integrity of our natural gas system and ensure the safety of our community,” the company concluded.

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