Jack Daniel’s and McLaren Racing collaborate in a memorable partnership

Jack Daniel’s and McLaren Racing collaborate in a memorable partnership
Jack Daniel’s and McLaren Racing collaborate in a memorable partnership
  • The collaboration between Jack Daniel’s and McLaren Racing celebrates passion, innovation and an authentic taste that lasts over the years

  • To commemorate this partnership, Jack Daniel’s presents its first limited edition McLxJD, available while supplies last.

The association between Jack Daniel’s and McLaren Racing, which began in 2023, celebrates passion, innovation and authentic flavor that endures over the years. With this collaboration, they present their first limited edition McLxJDwhich will be available while supplies last.

For more than 155 years, Jack Daniel’s, the iconic brand of whiskey from Tennessee, has captivated palates, forging a unique narrative that has had a global impact. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey began its journey in the joining McLaren Racing as an official partner in 2023, with a mission to take its authenticity to new horizons and share its legacy with fans around the world.

What do Jack Daniel’s and a world-class racing team have in common? More than you can imagine! The brand’s vision with this partnership is clear: to make Jack Daniel’s the most iconic and premium spirits brand on the global stage. This vision persists, and we are now charting a new path to achieve it. «Both Jack Daniel’s and McLaren share a focus on innovation, the pursuit of excellence and modern values ​​that resonate with a passionate audience. This unique collaboration is celebrated with the launch of a special edition, a fusion of authenticity and excitement that will bring Grand Prix fans in Mexico and around the world to the edge of their seats.“he mentioned Luis Guy Ricaud, Group Director of Jack Daniel’s Family of Brands in Mexico.

Matt Dennington, Executive Director of Partnerships and Acceleration, McLaren Racing, said: «We are excited to launch the Limited Edition Bottle of Jack Daniel’s McLaren Racing in Mexico. In our 60th year, we are marking the rich history of our team, and this special bottle is a great way to celebrate with our fans around the world.

September is the month in which the limited edition bottle will be launched in Mexico. A bottle designed with meticulous attention and the classic McLaren papaya color, capturing the essence of two pioneering founders who have left their mark on history: jack daniel and Bruce McLaren. All this just in time for the exciting race in Mexico.

This partnership between Jack Daniel’s and McLaren Racing represents the union of two exciting worlds, where a bold spirit and desire for excellence converge. For Tennessee whiskey lovers and motorsports enthusiasts, the collaboration promises an unrivaled experience, fusing the unmistakable flavors of Jack Daniel’s with the excitement and prestige of McLaren Racing.

The McLxJD edition bottle will be available in limited quantities starting in September; Enthusiasts of both brands will be able to purchase it at select stores in Walmart in Mexico City. Stay alert so as not to miss the opportunity to have this collector’s item in your hands.

Join us on this exciting journey as two icons, Jack Daniel’s and McLaren Racing, make history. Get ready to experience the race in an unprecedented way and stay connected to discover our exciting experiences during that week. Speed ​​meets authenticity, and together we are ready to accelerate into a new chapter of passion and flavor.

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