Golden Terra Soya Oil launches 1.4 liter PET bottle | The Guardian Nigeria News

Golden Terra Soya Oil launches 1.4 liter PET bottle | The Guardian Nigeria News
Golden Terra Soya Oil launches 1.4 liter PET bottle | The Guardian Nigeria News

Golden Terra Soya Oil, a trusted name in the healthy cooking oils sector has launched its 1.4 Liter PET bottle across key markets in Nigeria. The introduction of this 1.4-Liter PET Bottle is a declaration of the brand’s dedication to evolving with the change in consumer needs and their desire for healthy, convenient and quality cooking oil.

Celebrated for its consistently high quality cooking Oil, Golden Terra Soya Oil understands that as consumer’s culinary habits evolve, so should the brand value offering. With this bigger and user-friendly PET bottle, the brand is not just meeting these needs but setting a new standard in the healthy cooking oil category.

The 1.4 Liter PET bottle comes in a user-friendly design, making it easy to pour and measure the exact amount needed for your cooking without mess or spillage, adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen. It also features a secure seal to maintain the oil’s freshness, ensuring that the quality of every meal remains top-notch. The 1.4 liter PET bottle strikes the perfect balance between convenience, affordability, and portion control.

Fortified with Vitamin A, Golden Terra Soya Oil is a good Source of Omega 3 & 6. It contains zero cholesterol and is free from Trans Fat to help promote good heart health. It also causes low oil retention for crispy meals and can fit seamlessly into recipes that call for the use of cooking oil.

Whether you’re preparing a weeknight family dinner or a grand celebratory feast, Golden Terra Soya Oil’s 1.4 Liter PET bottle ensures you have the right amount of high-quality soy oil at your fingertips.

Deepanjan Roy, Group Executive Director – TGI says the launch of Golden Terra Soya Oil 1.4litre PET Bottle was designed to meet the needs of consumers who sought a bigger yet convenient pack size.

“We are more than happy to provide consumers this quality and convenience in a 1.4-liter PET Bottle of Golden Terra. Our aim is to provide our consumers the highest standards of excellence, so that they are assured of the same healthy cooking oil and benefits that Golden Terra Soya Oil, now in a convenient larger pack,” he said.

Probal Bhattacharya, Chief Marketing Officer, TGI Group stated that the Golden Terra Soya Oil 1.4-litre PET Bottle will resonate with discerning homemakers who are both health and value-conscious in their decision to choose a healthy cooking oil for their families.

“The 1.4-liter bottle is designed with the consumer in mind. We believe it’s not just an addition to their kitchen; it’s a culinary companion that will elevate your meals and make cooking an even more delightful journey” he noted.

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