Millie Bobby Brown Opens Up About Her Ex Hunter Ecimovic

Millie Bobby Brown Opens Up About Her Ex Hunter Ecimovic
Millie Bobby Brown Opens Up About Her Ex Hunter Ecimovic
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Millie Bobby Brown details for the first time how she felt during and after her relationship with ‘tiktoker’ Hunter Ecimovic. If you remember this story well, you will remember that, a year after leaving him, he made a live broadcast in which he violated Millie’s privacy, and said that he “had prepared her” (sexually speaking), among other things for which the Millie’s team stepped up to make sure she took it back and that nothing like this would happen again. He publicly apologized, but that fact caused the actress to go through one of her worst moments. And now, in an interview with the Allure medium, she has reflected on that episode.

“I felt very vulnerable, even though no one on set knew I was going through this. [se refiere, a la ruptura]. So, it was nice to be able to deal with it myself and not have anyone else know. It got harder when everyone found out.”

When the direct happened, Millie dated Jake Bongiovi. She had turned the page on her relationship with Hunter and in all that year after the breakup, she had learned a lot from her relationship with “a toxic dynamic” well, that’s how she describes it. “When you’re publicly humiliated like that, you feel so out of control and powerless… Walking away and knowing that I’m worth everything, and that this person didn’t take anything away from me, was very empowering. I felt like my life had finally turned a page and that I had actually finished a chapter that was so fucking long. In the end, the reason I’m telling it is to help girls and young women know that I go through things too. I’m not a perfect person who sells skin care products the skin and that comes out in ‘Stranger Things.’ Of course I’ve made the wrong decisions.”

Hooray, Millie! Toxic people, outside our circles, ‘omeno’.

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